Hot sale on Gearbest: how to keep up with the best discounts

Despite the fact that the main global sales are held at the end of summer and at the end of winter, there are some days when you can hunt for huge discounts. So, it is not the first year on November 11 that popular Chinese online stores offer to purchase various goods with a profit of up to 90%. The Gearbest Marketplace is no exception. What exactly prepare the organizers of sales, and how to get the maximum benefit - in the material below.

About Gearbest

Today there are several large sites where you can buy products from Chinaand Gearbest is one of them. Initially, the emphasis was on the sale of digital electronics: smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, action cameras, security systems. Today, in addition to the products listed above, the site presents the following categories:

  • instruments;
  • auto accessories;
  • electrician;
  • stationery;
  • toys;
  • goods for creativity;
  • everything for home and garden;
  • tourist goods;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • accessories;
  • cosmetics.

Due to the fact that the site is not very popular, is not advertised on TV, here you can often find the best prices for Chinese products. For users from Russia, there is a Russian version, a convenient search for products has been implemented. In addition, cashback in the form of points that can be paid for delivery, receive additional discounts and gifts are charged for purchases on Gearbest.

Important! Payment for purchases on the site is carried out through payment systems PayPal and Webmoney. To purchase any item you need to go through the registration procedure.

 Payment Methods

Discounts November 5-10: warm up

The November sale at the Gearbest site will not be limited to one day. The first avalanche of discounts and gifts will begin on November 5 and will last until November 10 inclusive. The following interesting "warming up" sentences are being realized these days.

  1. Coupon shower. Every day at 8, 12, 16, 22 hours UTC, each registered user will be able to participate in the game. A round lasts 5 minutes, during which there are 10 seconds to win coupons. The received gift is stored in the "My Coupons" section.
     Coupon rain
  2. Goods for $ 0.11. At the same time with the drawing of coupons you can get a huge discount: when you buy a product worth from 111.11 $ - 111 $, from $ 199 - $ 100, from $ 99 - $ 50.
  3. Deposit tripling. To get a discount on the selected lot, you must make a deposit for it in the period from 5 to 10 November. After this time, the deposit made will triple, and the remaining amount minus the deposit will need to be made until November 14.
  4. Gift for purchase. By purchasing some products, you can get a gift. The list of these offers is limited.
  5. Delivery in 5 days. When ordering products from warehouses located in the Czech Republic, Poland or France, delivery is carried out in 5 days. In addition, you can get a discount of $ 10 for an order amount of $ 88.
     Gift for purchase

Discounts November 11-14: main sale

From 11.11 the real collapse of prices begins. A limited number of products from the "Electronics" section will be offered at a super-cost of $ 11.11. For example, this promotion will be extended to Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 smartphones. More than 30 other popular brands that produce smartphones and tablets, as well as set-top boxes, home appliances, radio-controlled toys, and 3D printers participate in the promotion.

Important! To buy a smartphone at the best price, you need to hurry: these offers will appear at 8, 12, 16, 22 hours UTC and be snapped up like hotcakes.


At 6 am on November 11 starts the biggest sale of the year called "Flash". Shoppers have only 24 hours to buy goods from 12 top sellers of the site at the lowest possible price. On the same day, sale of clothes, shoes and accessories begins with huge discounts. When buying in the amount of $ 50 automatically donates $ 15.

Coupon shower will continue on these days sales, until November 14. In addition, the following promotions are valid every day from 5.11 to 14.11.

  1. You can buy 3 items from certain categories at a fixed price of $ 9.99 or $ 49.
  2. When buying a dedicated assortment you can get a 50% discount (it is necessary to add in addition $ 3 for the order amount from $ 30 and $ 9 for the order from $ 60).
  3. Secret bags. When buying products from the selected category, you can get a guaranteed surprise.
     Secret bags


As you can see, Gearbest has prepared a lot of nice gifts for its customers. November is exactly the time when you can buy really high-quality things with huge discounts. And interesting games and surprises will turn the buying process into an exciting quest, from which it is simply impossible for the loser to leave.

Tip! In order not to miss the best deals, you should register on the site.After that, you can receive notifications about promotions, discounts and sales to your email.
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