Home cinema

A home theater is a complex that includes sound and video equipment. It is usually placed in a residential area and is used to watch movies, videos, and popular science programs at home.

The first cinemas appeared in the USA at the end of the 50s of the last century. And in the late 70s, they became indispensable in many wealthy homes. Home theaters came to Russia at the beginning of this century.

The main elements of such a highly developed technology: TV, sound system, DVD - player and AV - receiver. You can buy as a fully equipped version, and individual devices. It is better to choose the second option and equip a home cinema to your liking and financial possibilities. But it is necessary to select the equipment of one manufacturer.

The quality of the entire kit can be judged by the output power, so it is the main indicator when choosing a system. It is good to have a separate room for home cinema at least 15 square meters.meters: the distance from the audience's eyes should be about two or three screen sizes from the TV. Before buying a DC, you should read the customer reviews - this will help you choose the best model according to its characteristics and cost.

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Home cinema

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