Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette is an electric inhaler for individual use that simulates smoking. The form factor of the device in the form of a tube and inhaled vapor, externally resembling tobacco smoke, create a similar illusion. The process of "smoking" an electronic cigarette is called vaping. The name comes from the English verb vaping (soar). The main purpose of the device is to minimize the harm from the habit of smoking. Chinese pharmacist Hong Lik is considered the inventor of vape, and the first device manufacturing was launched in Hong Kong in 2004.

Structurally, an electronic cigarette consists of three main elements: a cartridge with a liquid solution for "smoking", an evaporator and a power source. Such a tube operates on the principle of an inhaler: the liquid solution heats up, begins to evaporate, and the steam is brought out through a special channel to the outside, where it is inhaled by the smoker. Externally, vaping is like smoking.

Electronic tubes are available in 6 different sizes and types, labeled with letters from A to F. Models can differ in power supply: work from batteries or from rechargeable batteries, be equipped with evaporators of different designs, as well as cartridges with different chemical composition. Some manufacturers equip tubes with controls for the level of fluid flow and the rate of vapor release.

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