A printer is a peripheral device for a computer with which it prints business and technical documentation, images and photographs. Since the invention of the Englishman Babbage ideas of building a machine that can do simple calculations and print the results on paper, it has been about 200 years. Various ideas for the construction of printing mechanisms were born and embodied. Matrix, laser and inkjet printing devices are well known to our contemporaries. Many have heard about the advent of 3D printers.

Printers differ from printing equipment in size, printing in single copies (from 1 to 100) and the lack of printing forms. Manufacturers produce models with black and white and color printing. Devices are divided into several categories: alphanumeric, graphic or photo printers, for example. The first ones are focused on the output of text documents, the second ones are intended for printing graphic documentation.

To connect to a computer, devices are equipped with special connectors, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules. MFPs that perform such functions as scanning, photocopying, and telefax are very popular with users.

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