A soundbar is a soundbar that serves to improve sound quality and volume, as a rule, such a panel is installed in front of the TV. The device can replace a small mini-cinema, so it is especially pleasant to use it in small rooms. A whole block of speakers is enclosed in a single panel, but you can hear excellent surround sound, which can be achieved thanks to the soundbar settings. You need to buy a device for the size of your TV, but the panel can work both independently and together with a TV.

The device can work with different formats, read information from a flash drive or disk. The structure of modern soundbars includes several speakers (up to 16 pieces), a player and an audio processor. Setup is carried out using the remote control.

They began to talk about devices from the mid-nineties, when the first prototypes of modern soundbars with spatial sounding sounds began to appear.Because of its high cost, the devices had little success, but soon, after various improvements, there was a literal doubling of the volume of the global market of soundbars.

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