A television set is an electronic device that serves to receive and display TV programs, sound signals and pictures from devices that produce them.

Already at the end of the 19th century, theoretical and practical foundations for the creation of television sets were fully prepared. However, the first developments represented devices with mechanical tools, and only later TVs with a cathode ray tube appeared. In 1907, the Russian scientist Boris Rozing filed an application for the first invention in the field of television, and his student, Vladimir Zvorykin, received the first patent in this field. At the beginning of this century, televisions with a tube are widely used, and liquid crystal models appear.

Today we can talk about television receivers of the following types - these are LCD, projection, plasma and laser TVs. LED panels are widely spread due to their excellent characteristics and affordable cost. But progress does not stand still: the most modern OLED panels with a resolution of 4K are beginning to conquer the digital technology market.

When choosing a modern model, you should proceed from your financial capabilities, decide on the room where the TV will be installed, what you plan to watch: digital or satellite channels, and maybe ordinary analog ones.

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