Electric mop

Electric scoop is a modern household appliance used for cleaning. It looks like a regular mop, but it works on electricity and is more like a vacuum cleaner, treating surfaces with steam and collecting dust and dirt. The device works without auxiliary detergents, but by treating the surface with steam, it also disinfects it.

The device will thoroughly clean the floor if it has more power. Using special nozzles, you can wash the glass, batteries, pipes. Thanks to the steam function, you can clean the curtains and clothes, furniture and plumbing.

The standard electric scraper system functions smoothly for 15-20 minutes. If you want to have a device with up to 50 minutes running time, you should pay attention to power when buying, it should be at least 1500-2000W. The dimensions of such mops are rather big, and the weight is 5-7 kg. Lighter models have a small water tank, which will lead to frequent refilling of the device.

Almost all models of electric mops have the function of regulating the supply of steam and its temperature. Such additional details directly affect the quality of the cleaning.And, of course, the existing set of nozzles should be as impressive as possible. The disadvantages of mops can be attributed to the high cost of electricity and a rather large cost of the device.

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