A steamer is a device that makes it possible to smooth (steam) any products as a result of the flow of hot steam. In 1940, the company Jiffy Steamer from the United States witnessed the release of the first device. Its purpose was to restore fashionable hats. Today, the steamer is used both at home and in the field of personal services.

The main element of the device is a steam iron. And since there is no heating element, the steamer can be used where a conventional iron cannot cope. Things become soft, unpleasant smells, stains and pollution are eliminated.

By purpose and design of the device are of several types. Manual steamers - convenient and simple models of small sizes. Their power is small, but they lightly steam products from light fabrics. The volume of the tank allows the device to operate 10-15 minutes, this time is enough for 23 things.

Floor standing steamers with a vertical stand are divided into two groups, which differ in power, control modes, tank volume.Multifunction devices include two functions. Thanks to special nozzles, the iron can serve as a steamer and steam cleaner.

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