Premium Mie Steamers: Deluxe and Magic Style

To get a fabric steamer is a reasonable solution for those who want to keep the perfect look for their clothes for a long time. With it, you can smooth out any flounces and ruffles, arrows on trousers, products of complex cut and delicate fabrics, without harming them. They will cope with the care of curtains, furniture upholstery, fur products. One of the leaders in the production of equipment of this kind is the Italian company MIE. Under this brand, a wide line of steamers is produced, but 2 models are in special demand: MIE Magic Style and MIE Deluxe. Let us consider in more detail why they are so loved by users.

Unique solutions from MIE

Being a highly specialized manufacturer, MIE improves its devices, complementing them with useful developments.Both models - Deluxe and Magic Style - have interesting constructive solutions that bring comfort to the operation of steamers.

Comfortable rack for clothes

In floor otparivatel is used double rack with hangersOn which the suspension for an ironing is located. Judging by the user reviews, the main advantage of such a rack is its strength and stability. In addition, the double design does not allow things from elastic fabrics to stretch when stripping.

 Hanger rack

Important! Coats, fur coats and jackets when placed on a rack do not fall down and do not warp.

Features of steam ironing

Many users of floor otparivatel complain that they "spit" water. One of the causes of this problem is the cooling of the steam as it rises through the hose from the water tank. As a result, wet stains and stripes may remain on clothing. MIE engineers have found the perfect solution to this flaw: built in a steam iron heating element. Even if the steam cools down, hitting the iron on a hot surface, it will again return to its working temperature.

Trouble-free operation

Work safety is one of the key requirements for home appliances. In both steamers there is protective power off. It is triggered if the low water indicator is on for more than 5 minutes, preventing the equipment from breaking.

 MIE Deluxe housing

Extended equipment

The MIE motto is “Striving for perfection in every little thing!” And these are not just words. In addition to a well-thought-out and reliable design, the user gets when buying any of these steamers everything you need for comfortable work:

  • nozzle for the formation of arrows on trousers;
  • brush for velvet products;


  • fleecy nozzle on the iron to remove dirt from the surface of fabrics;

 Fleecy nozzle

  • heat-resistant mitten;


  • a hanger with a soft coating for blouses made from slippery and lightweight materials;


  • device for steaming collars.

Thus, in addition to purchase any additional accessories no longer necessary.

 Rack with iron MIE Deluxe

MIE Deluxe

This floor steamer is flagship company, one of the most successful developments. First of all, this is indicated by the technical characteristics of the model:

  • power 2600 W;
  • maximum steam supply 85 g / min;
  • water tank volume 2.5 liters;
  • continuous steaming for 1 h 20 min;
  • readiness for work in 45 seconds;
  • 3 modes of steam supply;
  • electronic control via display.

 MIE Deluxe

The power and the increased volume of the water tank are the key advantages of this model, which make it possible to purchase it not only for domestic use, but also for professional use. In an atelier or boutique, such a device will allow you to tidy up a large amount of clothing without worrying that the liquid will suddenly end. And three modes of steaming will allow to cope with various types of fabrics, from silk to natural fur.

Another difference of this model is electronic displaywhere you can see:

  • active steam mode;
  • total operating time of the device;
  • steam readiness icon;
  • icon of insufficient volume of water in the tank;
  • alarm (appears when liquid has run out).

 Electronic display

The visibility of this information makes it easy to control the operation of the steamer. The user does not need to remember which mode was selected, and check the remaining amount of water. Smart technology will do everything by itself!

About the convenience of work and say such useful additions:

  • automatic cord winding;

 Automatic cord winding

  • 4 wheels for easy movement;
  • side compartments and storage case for accessories.

 Compartments for accessories

Important! MIE Deluxe is available in two colors: classic white and bright orange.

MIE Magic Style

This model is a newer development of the company. The fact that it turned out successful, shows its popularity. Its main difference from MIE Deluxe - compactness. How is this achieved? Let's look at the main characteristics of the device:

  • power is 2250 W;
  • maximum steam supply 55 g / min;
  • water tank size 1.7 liters;
  • continuous operation for 1 hour;
  • readiness for work in 45 seconds;
  • 2 modes of operation

 MIE Magic Style

It becomes clear that the developers had to donate tank sizeto reduce the size of the device. How critical it is - to decide the user. In fairness it should be noted that 1, 7 liters is more than enough for domestic use. In addition, in the design of the model there are convenient chips that are not in MIE Deluxe.

 Water tank

The first thing to note is removable water tank with a transparent window. This solution allows you to visually monitor the water level, topping up if necessary. Second moment - 2 large pedal keys. One of them is designed to select the intensity of steaming, and with the help of the second, the cord is wound inside the case. It is very convenient to press these keys: it can be done both with your hand and foot.Otherwise, the design is the same as that of the flagship model: a stable double stand with adjustable height, an additional heating element in the iron, the presence of a case for accessories. Stylish, modern design of the case MIE Magic Style will fit into any interior.

 Compartment for accessories

Important! It is worth noting that in MIE Magic Style only 2 wheels to move. Some users find that the 4-wheel steamer is easier to move. On the other hand, 2 wheels is a big stability.

Which model is better to buy

Choosing the best steamer, you need to focus, first of all, on your needs. Yes, MIE Deluxe is more powerful and productive, but if you want to steam a pair of trousers and blouses before work, then such high technical characteristics come to nothing. It is worth remembering that the more power, the higher the power consumption. MIE Magic Style is more suitable for home use, while MIE Deluxe is more a choice of professionals.. In addition, the compactness factor is very important for many rooms, and here Deluxe loses.

If we talk about the price, then MIE Magic Style is cheaper by a thousand rubles. (15990 vs. 16990 for Deluxe). The difference is insignificant, but it can also influence the decision.In any case, whatever MIE steamer is purchased, it will be a reliable assistant, allowing you to keep things in immaculate condition.

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