Steam Cleaner / Steam Generator

A steam cleaner (steam generator) is a device that treats and disinfects various surfaces with hot steam. It consists of a container where water is poured, a heating element, hoses with nozzles. For the first time such devices were used for disinfection in medical institutions, where bacilli, microbes and allergens were destroyed with the help of a steam generator. Later, a cleaning function was added to it, which was performed by additional brushes and nozzles.

A household steam cleaner can not only clean clothes, curtains and carpets. It is indispensable when restoring order in the house, kitchen or bathroom. Thanks to a couple, you can clean upholstered and cabinet furniture, clean mirrors from stains and stains, wash the tile and the joints between it, process plumbing, kitchen tiles, and also remove unpleasant odors, mold and fungus.

Models steam cleaners are divided into manual and outdoor. The first are practical, despite the low price and modest size.But if you are cleaning large surfaces, you have to constantly add water because of the small water tank. Outdoor steam generators look like a vacuum cleaner. They are rather bulky, but it is brightened up by the fact that they should not be held in hands. All work is done by a hose.

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