Why use a steam generator when cleaning the air conditioner

At pollution of the conditioner its productivity decreases, and in the room there is an unpleasant smell. Ordinary water can not wash away the dirt, and the benefits of the use of chemical cleaners under the big question. Due to the properties of the steam generator, many impurities are safely removed, which is why it has gained popularity and is widely used for cleaning air conditioners.

Advantages of the method

The conditioner is widely used both in premises, and at offices. For almost six months he will save from the heat in the summer period and heats the room with the onset of the first cold weather before the start of the heating season. In such a period of operation provides regular cleaning technology from clogging. The equipment has sophisticated technology and, if maintenance is not available,appliances can fail.

 Dirt and dust in the steam generator

During operation, dust gets into the air conditioner, which reduces its performance. Even in expensive models of world-class split-systems, an unpleasant smell may appear during operation due to the mechanism's pollution. A steam cleaner can solve this problem, moreover, such a device will allow you to carefully and effectively remove dirt from other surfaces in the room.

Due to the effect of high temperature under high pressure, equipment with a steam generation mechanism also disinfects.

Cleaning the air conditioning system can be carried out and by chemical meansbut not all working nodes are available for this. In addition, the ingress of water into the mechanism can lead to damage to the device. The smell of detergent remaining in the air remains in the air for a long time, which can cause discomfort or an allergic reaction. After such cleaning the air conditioner, it will generate the smell of the applied chemistry for a long time while supplying cold, and especially hot air.

How to clean the split system with a steam generator

Cleaning the air conditioner with a steam generator not only effectively removes all kinds of pollution, but also eliminates unpleasant odors and also moistens the air. Many service companies use a combined approach to the maintenance of this technology.

  1. Cleaning the indoor unit. Such work is performed by a high-pressure steam cleaner. For commercial purposes mainly used device company Kärcher. This manufacturer was one of the first to introduce a steam appliance to the market and established itself in operation. Such a steam generator qualitatively processes the internal design of the air conditioner and almost 100% eliminates the accumulated microbes from pollution.
     Cleaning the steam generator of the indoor unit

  2. Sink of the external block. Since this part of the air conditioning system is on the street, the pollution has a different character, and it is best to get rid of them with a high-pressure washer, which is able to dislodge all the dirt.

 Cleaning the outdoor unit

At home, less expensive equipment is usually used, with lower power and pressure level. Cleaning the air conditioner with your own hands different from service. Household steam cleaner can not always cope with heavy pollution, stubborn stains and soot on the blades of the air conditioner. Often heavily contaminated appliance installed in the kitchen.It is better to sprinkle sticky formations on the impeller and the evaporator with a cleaning liquid, rub the available places with a brush. A steam cleaner can complete cleaning, remove residual detergent and disinfect the instrument.

If you clean the air conditioner on a regular basis, you can do with a single household steam generator without the use of aggressive cleaning products.

The steam cleaner is a reliable helper in cleaning, as its versatility allows you to safely clean any heat-resistant equipment and surface indoors.

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