Should I use a steam generator for cleaning the apartment

Not all housewives use a steam generator to clean an apartment, as they find it difficult to find an answer to the question about the benefits of this device. However, those who have used it at least once will hardly want to return to the old methods of restoring order at home. What is this device, and how not to make a mistake in choosing it?

Varieties of devices

A steam generator is a household appliance that is capable of converting water to steam, having a temperature of 140–160 ° by means of electricity. Steam at this temperature is dry, so it practically does not moisten the surface and does an excellent job with the steam function.

 The use of a steam generator in the kitchen

There are three types of steam generators, differing in methods for producing hot steam.

  1. Water heating and steam generation takes place in a special container (broiler). Different models may vary in volume from 700 to 2200 ml broiler. The generator starts working a minute after the connection.
  2. Steam arises instantaneously, due to the water supply immediately to red-hot element. If you want to start the action immediately, the model is a success.
  3. Units in which there is two boilers: one with cold water and steam in the other. From the cold boiler water is fed into the second tank. Although the time of formation of steam is longer, its temperature is maximum.

The steam generator has advantages over other devices, can not only replace them, but also perform the work much better, with less effort and cost.

Where to use

Steam generator for cleaning the house - an indispensable and reliable tool, an excellent alternative to vacuum cleaner and mop. The device will help get rid of dirt and dust in hard-to-reach places, as the used steam can penetrate into any crack and crack. It not only cleans, but sterilizes, disinfects surfaces, and can perform the following manipulations:

  • remove stains on carpets without damaging the product;
  • clean kitchen furniture from grease and stains;
  • clean the gum from different products and furniture;
  • clean the car;
  • clean and sanitize the kitchen, pet cages, and mopping;
  • get rid of mold and domestic insects;
  • clean chrome attributes in the bathroom.

 Steam generator in the bathroom

In addition to apartments and private houses, people are more and more pleased with steam generators for cleaning every day, they can often be found in public places:

  • in cafes and restaurants;
  • in hotels and hostels;
  • in trade enterprises;
  • in medical institutions and other areas of public service.

The unit, due to its vaporization properties, may well replace iron, and with the right choice of instrument, it can do the job faster and better.

Hot steam penetrates even through several layers of fabric, which makes it possible to iron and clean clothes, linen, shoes, hats, as well as light curtains, heavy curtains, wall carpets, without removing them from hangers and walls.

Household appliances of this type perform more delicate ironing, without damaging and not leaving traces on the fabric, help to increase the service life of products, process places that are difficult to access - around buttons and ornaments, all kinds of folds and ruches. They are effective for ironing clothes that can not be performed with a regular iron.

 Ironing clothes

Advantages and disadvantages

Undoubtedly, housewives will like the fact that the cleaning of the house and clothes is carried out only by hot steam, without the use of household chemicalsthat will relieve the problems of asthmatics and allergies. Users are pleased with the generator and the fact that with such a large amount of functions performed, modern devices do not need a lot of electricity and water. They pretty economicalthat is very important with significant amounts of work.

With so many positive features, cleaning and ironing devices have some drawbacks.

  1. Large sizes, especially for stands and connecting hose.
  2. The high cost of the device - it is much higher than the cost of an iron, and even some models of vacuum cleaners.
  3. Due to the large amount of water passing through the device, many scum forms. In the absence of the anti-scale function, which is typical for cheap models, the steam generator will fail quickly.

Characteristics for selection

Modern manufacturing companies produce a huge number of models of steam generators. Despite the advantages and disadvantages of steam generators, manufacturers that produce the most modern and reliable devices have proven themselves at the market, and at relatively affordable prices. These brands are: Tefal, Rowenta, Brau, Bosch, Philips and Vitek. Consider what criteria the device should pay special attention to when choosing.


Speaking about the power of the device, it should be noted that they produce steam generators with an indicator from 800 to 3100 W. Depends on this parameter heating rate of the apparatus, but for the home the best power is 2600 watts.

Steam supply

An important characteristic is steam supply. At higher pressures, the technique will work better. Permissible pressure from 2 to 6 bar.

The modes of operation of the devices are of three types:

  • with adjustable steam;
  • without regulators, the mode is selected automatically;
  • Instruments with manual temperature switches.

 Steam supply


The weight of the unit, as a rule, is more than 4 kg together with the stand. But with a filled boiler, the weight increases. Therefore, when working with a generator, care must be taken. The device should automatically turn off when overheated. The stand and the iron should be fixed, and do not allow them to slide off the surface when ironing.

Additional features and accessories

Availability all kinds of attachments will allow you to perform the necessary actions. These are brushes of various shapes and having various bristles, a point nozzle for working in hard-to-reach places, and other devices creating high-quality surface treatment.

The anti-scale function that exists in modern, expensive models allows you to automate the cleaning process and forget about the formation of scale.

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