Choosing an ironing board for a steam generator

Buyers, faced with the choice of iron, are increasingly preferring iron-steam generators. Such an innovative device is used for accelerated ironing and cleaning not only clothes, but also blankets, carpets, upholstered furniture surfaces, and even tiles and tiles. One of the main purposes is, of course, the function of the iron. With the help of a steam generator, you can stroke various kinds of textiles. This device is used not only at home, but also in shops, showrooms, individual tailoring shops and even in textile factories. The key to the success of this procedure will be a well-chosen ironing board for the steam generator. This board is not just a banal metal or wooden structure, which is covered with a piece of cloth, it is a multifunctional device,based on working directly with a steam generating device.

 Board for steam generator

What are the differences device

This board, working together with a steam iron, is a complete system designed for ironing. A steam generator is mounted on the ironing surface on top. This installation produces steam that passes through the hose and exits under high pressure. Due to this process, the rate of ironing increases, and its quality is significantly improved.

Ironing boards, designed to work with a steam generator, are a structure consisting of a frame and a working surface.

Additionally, the kit can include a holder for hangers, a tray for laundry, a removable module for ironing the sleeves, as well as a stand for the iron itself.

Such boards can be of two types: standard (classic) or active. In any case, they have a number of differences from traditional ironing boards:

  • the size of the working surface is larger;
  • possesses a special coating that is able to provide ease of sliding of the iron;
  • there is a stand for the steam system, as well as a socket for easy connection to the mains;
  • the mass of the device is large, therefore such boards for ironing should have strong and stable legs.

 Ironing board for steam generator

For the ironing board under the steam generator is designed special coating, promoting instant evaporation of moisture, and also providing the best sliding of the iron. This coating contains four layers of various kinds of material.

  1. The base is a heat-resistant and waterproof plastic or metal having water repellent walls. To prevent the formation of condensate, it is either perforated or equipped with a special mesh layer.
  2. The next layer is felt or regular foam rubber. These materials distribute steam very well and absorb excess moisture.
  3. Next comes the substrate. It consists of foam, which ensures ease of gliding.
  4. And, in fact, the case itself, consisting of natural fabrics, often cotton or linen.

 Board cover

The advantages of functionally active ironing plants

In order to obtain a convenient and fast smoothing process, people in most cases choose active ironing boards. This is a classic ironing design with a module installed under the steam generator, which has an output for connection to 220 V and is capable of performing a number of special functions.

  1. Surface heating. This option helps a lot when you need to iron even wet clothes. Due to the hot surface of the board, the moisture evaporates very quickly, while the table top remains dry.
  2. Airflow provides gentle ironing for products made of delicate fabrics, as well as chiffon blouses and men's shirts. When the blower is turned on, a stream of air begins to flow, due to which a protective shell is created, and as a result we get the effect of ironing “on an air cushion”.
  3. Function steam adsorption. Active boards are equipped with a special tank that serves to “suck” steam. In the process of ironing the fabric is soaked with moistened air so that it is attracted to the working surface, thereby facilitating the alignment process. At the same time, the excess steam removal system works, which removes moisture directly from the board and linen.This function is often used in the formation of arrows on the pants.

 Board with tank

Functions of blowing and adsorption of steam are obligatory options, they work thanks to the fan which is built in in a board.

The difference between active and “passive” ironing boards is also that the first ones are much heavier in weight and have a child lock on the control panel, otherwise they are similar in configuration.

Ironing Board Tips

When purchasing a steam generator, the buyer asks a question about the correctness of the selection for him of the ironing board. If necessary, ironing textiles custom size, as well as delicate and synthetic fabrics, you should pay attention to the board with the active panel. When choosing an ironing for a steam generator, it is necessary to evaluate in general all the technical characteristics of this design.

  1. Weight. If the ironing board is purchased at the factory, in the studio, then the weight does not play a special role, but if for the house, then most housewives prefer easier and more mobile installations that allow them to be carried. Usually the weight ranges from 5 to 20 kg.
  2. Dimensions. It is necessary to give preference to such models that will be placed in a designated place for their storage.
  3. Height. All manufacturers produce models with height adjustment function. There are two types of fixation in height: step-like or mechanical (smooth). A step-like adjustment system will last longer because it is more durable and reliable. The range of model range is so large that there are even tillers that allow the process of ironing in a sitting position.
  4. Work surface parameters: size and shape. A wide tabletop will be the best option - it will provide an opportunity to lay out large-sized textiles and minimize movement during ironing. Such a tabletop will allow you to iron the tablecloth, curtains, curtains without any effort. The form also plays an important role: to iron textiles on the one hand, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of a sharp edge finisher in order to facilitate putting clothing on it.
     Wide ironing board
  5. Strength and stability. In the manufacture of bases often use high-strength plastic and metal. To check the stability, it is necessary to bring the ironing board in working condition.Stability depends directly on the leg support area - the larger the reference area, the more stable the design. Ideally, when the legs generally go beyond the tabletop itself. To prevent the ironing board from slipping, rubber or special plastic embossed tips should be worn on the legs. Boards that require frequent movement, have wheels on their legs, with a locking system.
  6. Cable length. If the electrical cord is of sufficient length, this will not only eliminate the difficulties in connecting the steam generator, but also contribute to the installation of the ironing structure in any place convenient for you. It is also necessary to pay attention to the presence of a 230 V service outlet. Such a board will be more functional.

When choosing an ironing unit for the steam generating system, you need to focus your attention on the stand. According to the technical parameters, it must be wide, stable and able to withstand a weight of at least 7-8 kg.

 Wide stand for steam generator

This unique innovative installation will make your life incredibly easy. Ironing clothes will deliver not only fun, but also save your time and effort.Clothing, ironed with the help of such a system, will look much neater and well-groomed.      

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