Choosing a steam mop for home

Even if only recently the existence of this or that device seemed to be, if not a curiosity, then at least a matter of a very remote perspective, today the presence of certain types of equipment fits so harmoniously into modern life that the level of necessary functionality is not even discussed. There is no exception in this matter and steam mop, already used everywhere. How to choose a steam mop and not to be mistaken in this, we will tell in this article.

What are mops

There are the following types of steam models.

Multifunctional. They are equipped with all kinds of nozzles, allowing them to be used not only for their intended purpose, that is, for cleaning the floor, but also in the process of cleaning windows, wall carpets, and even when cleaning microwaves!

 Multifunctional steam mop

Classic. Usually, it is used traditionally - when washing the floor, as well as when cleaning carpets and furniture.

 Classic Steam Mop

Compact. Such devices are designed to deal with dirt in hard to reach places. Small weight and size allow them to penetrate corners and cracks, where other options can not get through.

 Compact Steam Mop

Criterias of choice

When buying a steam mop, it is recommended to pay attention to the following:

  1. Dimensions. One of the key indicators to choose from. The range of models on the market is absolutely diverse in terms of weight and volume. There are two kilogram models, and there are giants of 5 kg or more. For a standard living space, a device weighing 3-3.5 kg will be quite enough, it will be convenient to control such a device, and the existing functionality is quite enough.
  2. Power. Determines the amount of electricity consumed and the duration of continuous operation. The most suitable for everyday use will be a device with a power of 1500-1700 W, the power consumption will be minimal, while the mop can quickly heat up and work for quite a long time. Sometimes an important criterion is the presence of a built-in battery.Battery options allow cleaning in cases where the power grid is unavailable or unstable.
  3. Nozzles included. The choice of a steam mop should definitely suggest the presence of a microfiber tool in the package configuration. In addition, the nozzles for dry cleaning, for cleaning tile, cleaning drain pipes and many others can be useful. Everything will depend on the types of materials used in your interior and the scope of application of the device in each particular case.
  4. Tank volume and materialfrom which it is made. The larger the water tank, the heavier the mop itself, so it makes no sense to choose a device with a reservoir over 400 ml in a small apartment, just as a device with a volume of up to 600 ml is unlikely for a large house. It is desirable that the tank itself be made of aluminum, this will prevent the occurrence of scale and lime scale. You can also choose models with a plastic container, but the plastic must be of very high quality.
  5. Filter replacement. As a rule, all modern models are equipped with such a function, however, you should check it before buying.If there is no possibility to replace the filter, the only right way to extend the life of the device will be to use only distilled water during its operation. Are you ready for this?
  6. Body material. The main types of materials used in the manufacture of steam mops are plastic and metal. Metal devices, of course, will be much safer and more durable than plastic options, however, their weight will be more impressive. Your right to choose the factor that will take priority in your case.
  7. Cord length. A cord of 5 meters and longer will relieve you of the need to use an extension cord during operation.
  8. Steam control function. Adjustment levels must be at least three. This will allow using the device on any surfaces without the threat of their deformation. After all, let's say, for processing a stone or glass, one temperature is needed, and the same its values ​​in the case of cleaning parquet or laminate will be destructive for surfaces.
  9. The shape of the handle and the possibility of transformation. The handle should be comfortable, and the control buttons should be positioned so that they can be conveniently pressed if necessary, and there is no possibility of accidental pressing.The ability of the device to transform allows you to place it more compactly, this is especially important in conditions of small apartments.

Popular models

H2O X6

Mop H2O X6 - "miracle" of Chinese technology. It is a budget model of acceptable quality. It can be used to clean various types of coatings - wooden floors, carpets, tiles, furniture, clothes. "Steam mop 5 in 1" - so it is often called. In the kit there is a large number of different nozzles, the steam is able to warm up to a temperature of 120 ° C, the tank has a volume of 450 ml, the power of the device is 1300 W. Steam can be adjusted through a 4-step feed, which allows it to work on any surface.

 H2O X6

Among the shortcomings can be identified insufficient length of the cord and some difficulties in the work, in particular, after processing individual coatings on the surfaces may remain water, which requires additional cleaning.

Kitfort 1001

The most popular model of 2017, very convenient and inexpensive. The most requested and convenient functions are combined in one device. Mop has included all kinds of nozzles to work with different surfaces.The weight of the device - 2.7 kg, power - 1300 W, the device warms up in less than half a minute, the volume of the water tank provides the possibility of 20-minute continuous operation.

 Kitfort 1001

The device, in fact, is almost devoid of flaws. It cleans qualitatively, without leaving behind water, a powerful steam flow provides the necessary performance when interacting with pollutants, the nozzles are tightly fastened. Be sure that such a mop will serve you for a long time, and will qualitatively fulfill the duties assigned to it.

Hotpoint-Ariston SMS15CAW

Another new product that is in great demand in online stores. It has a small weight (about 1 kg) and easily copes with contamination of carpets, furniture, laminate, linoleum. Can work continuously within 10 minutes. The height of the handle is adjustable - from 90 to 120 cm, power - more than 1500 watts. There are, however, disadvantages. The mop is not equipped with modes that regulate the flow of steam, and the number of nozzles offered may not be enough. At the same time, the performance of the device allows it to be used in daily care for a single year in a small compact apartment, which is the majority in our country.

 Hotpoint-Ariston SMS15CAW

Philips FC7020 / 01

Philips has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality equipment. The presented models of steam mops are no exception. The temperature of the air flow reaches 100C, the device is able to heat up in 30 seconds due to the power of 1.5 thousand watts. A large water tank provides long-term operation (up to 20 minutes).

 Philips FC702001

The manufacturer of this model of steam mop, among other things, offers a combination with the main functionality of the electrobroom option.

The weight of the device is about 3 kg, which is quite a lot for such models, however, the convenience of the design makes it easy to handle and does not make cleaning a burdensome task. Due to the transparency of the dust collector and the water tank, track their occupancy. The model is suitable for compact apartments as well as for large private houses.

Black ”Decker FSMH1621

The model represents combination mop and steam generator. Steam is able to heat up to 100 ° C in seconds, the power of the device is 1600 W, and the water tank is just under 0.4 liters. The set contains a huge number of nozzles, the device itself is effective in use and reliable.

Thanks to the protection against scale, the mop is able to work on ordinary tap water.

In addition, it is equipped with functions of indicating the water level and cable winding. A good model that will serve you for many years.

 BlacknDecker FSMH1621

In the wide range of cleaning devices on the market, it is easy to choose a mop. Take into account the specifics of the premises that you plan to clean with it, focusing on both their size and the variety of materials of surfaces. Determine which attachments and features are preferable to you, and without which you can easily manage. Think about how much you are willing to spend on the purchase, as well as where you will store the device.

If you doubt the correctness of your choice, ask around the opinions of friends or focus on feedback from users of specialized forums. Be sensible in your choice and keep up with the times!

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