Features of the choice of the steam generator for the house

Anyone who has already purchased a steam generator for the house cannot imagine how he used to live without this device. This device is intended not only for ironing - in fact, the unit has a lot of other talents.

What can be done with the device

Steam generator for the house is able to perform such work:

  • upright steaming clothes;
  • clean different types of materials;
  • eliminate stains from various surfaces;
  • to relieve plumbing and tile coverings from dirt and germs.

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Such possibilities are due to the principle of operation of the device: dry steam is emitted, which can be heated to a temperature of 140 to 160 ° C. With the help of a powerful steam flow, a “magic” cleaning of the claimed surfaces and materials takes place.

Why do you need clothes processing steam

People unfamiliar with the capabilities of the device are perplexed: “Why steam your clothes? Wouldn't it be enough to iron it? ”With the help of steaming, even the strongest irregularities and creases on the material can be smoothed out. The fabric will not spoil under the influence of temperature - the combi-steamer will give out its value of just 98-99 ° C, which does not stretch the fabric fibers (on the contrary, they will even gain volume and elasticity). In this case, you can work perfectly even with the most delicate materials.

There are other benefits:

  • there is no foreign smell;
  • disinfection and disposal of saprophytes (dust mites) occurs in the process, which is especially important for bed linen;
  • you can work with furniture upholstery;
  • the stuck nap and wool of pets is removed.

An important feature: ironing occurs without the use of an ironing board - the clothing itself is in an upright position.

 Steam clothing processing

To work with upholstered furniture it is necessary to choose the desired type of brush used. For delicate fabrics suitable soft bristles, and for coarse - more rigid.

Types of steam generators

Choosing a device, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with existing types of devices for steaming.

  1. Steam generator for clothing relevant for complete replacement of the iron. With the right choice, ironing systems do their job better than a conventional iron. In addition to smoothing the curtains, he can also wash the windows without using any chemicals.
  2. If you want to buy cleaning model, then such a device will resemble a vacuum cleaner with the only difference that instead of a dust collector it has a built-in steam generator. This device is usually used in cleaning organizations, because it has a very high cost.
  3. If the budget allows, you can purchase professional model. This will already be a multifunctional device that combines both the ironing system and the cleaning device.

What characteristics to pay attention to when buying

How to choose a steam generator? There are several criteria that will help you choose a really good device:

  • steam generation possibilities;
  • steam supply pressure;
  • power;
  • reservoir volume;
  • heating time;
  • extras;
  • iron sole material.

How and where does steam form?

Household steam generator may look like this:

  • have a separate boiler that generates steam;
  • instant steam;
  • have the option of pumping water - for this purpose, a collection (or a pair of tanks) is used, engaged in this task.

For home use most often choose the second option - the instant execution of the task will help to begin work within a couple of minutes after switching on and on.

According to experts, the best results are achieved by an electric steam generator with a separate boiler.. Expectations will pay off great opportunities in the work - the temperature reaches a predetermined maximum. In any case, the acquisition must be understood for what purpose the purchase is made. If it is assumed that it is necessary to iron a large number of things, then the steam storage device in the device should be large.

 Ironing with steam generator

How steam is supplied

This procedure is due to a certain pressure - the higher its rate, the more effective the work of technology.This indicator usually goes in the range of 2-6 Bar, but it is better to give preference to the maximum threshold. This will easily help to work even with heavy materials (from the suit to the curtains).

The choice of the steam generator is influenced by such moments:

  • steam jet productivity - from 90 to 140 g / min (for the best result, set the maximum value of the combi oven);
  • presence of steam boost option (maximum steam flow - 95-260 g / min);
  • the possibility of operating the device in a vertical position;
  • possibility of continuous steam supply (from 80 to 140 g / min).

Steam blow used to work with overdried things, the folds in which are not smoothed during normal ironing. And with the help vertical steaming You can stroke the curtains and things on the hangers.


To choose the right model, we must not lose sight of the power indicator. With an indicator greater than 1800 W, a device with a steam generator is suitable for working with different tissue species. For use every day you can buy a device with a small capacity. The quality of work will remain at the level, and the money will remain saved in the wallet.

 Low-power steam generator

Tank volume

Manufacturers produce equipment with a steam generator, which has a storage capacity of 500 ml to 2 liters. When it is supposed to iron a large amount of clothing, it is better to choose the maximum capacity. But this advantage will create some drawbacks - the device will become bigger in size, massive and heavier. It is unlikely that such a model is suitable for use, for example, an elderly person.

Heating time

Another important criterion in the question of how to choose a steam generator is the heating time. This indicator affects the convenience and speed of work. On average, this process ranges from 2 to 10 minutes. For a home, you should choose a model whose combi-steamer is ready. for 3 minutes.

Additional nozzles

It makes sense to talk about them, if purchased multifunction device. It is worthwhile to think in advance that from this list of tips it will be really necessary:

  • iron for ironing (usually it is included);
  • nozzle brush for cleaning carpets;
  • nozzle with an extended end to work in hard to reach places;
  • hard-impact nozzle for stain removal.

 Steam generator with nozzles

How many nozzles in each such device - the manufacturer decides.Certain requirements are put forward to the hose - it must be long and durable so that the cleaning takes place as comfortably as possible.

Outsole material

This factor of ironing systems directly affects the performance of the device. The sole of the iron from the steam generator is made of various materials.

  1. Stainless steel gives the coating strength and durability. The equipment will quickly heat up and shut off.
  2. Aluminum reduces the total cost of the device and is easily damaged when in contact with a button. Another disadvantage is that shine can remain on clothes.
  3. Ceramic coating it is easy to clean with a regular cloth, the device cools quickly and heats up. The big drawback is fragility, so beware of falls from a great height.
  4. Great for ironing clothes titanium soles. They quickly heat up, serve for a long time and do not spoil clothes. There is also a minus - such a device has a very large weight.
  5. Teflon or glass ceramics durable, comfortable and efficient to use. Models of such coverage is also the most expensive.
  6. It is very convenient when the technology combined outsole (aluminum base coated with Teflon or ceramic), which simultaneously protects clothing from the gloss and does not weigh the device itself.

 Iron sole

Overview of the most popular models

The leader in the market for sales of such equipment is the Philips brand - all offers differ in power and steam supply. One of the recognized Philips models is called the GC6602 - by choosing it, you can be confident in comfortable work: with its light weight of 1.2 kg, it has a power of 2400 W. Let's pay attention to the combi-steamer: the volume of the reservoir is 1500 ml, and the heat output is 360 g / min.

The device uses the Philips Easy De-Calc system, which clears scale, thereby prolonging the life of the generator.

Especially users like that you can quickly steam off any fabric - both jeans and bed linen. Not difficult to work with curtains. Bribes and the fact that the sole does not leave any traces.

MIE Technique (Modern Ironing Equipment) is also popular among fans of high-quality steam generators. The budget model steam generator for home MIE Bravissimo works on a boiler system for producing steam. The special feature of the combi steamer is that the steam supply reaches 150 g / min with a steam blow up to 5.5 bar. There are options for vertical steaming and dry ironing.

 MIE Bravissimo

MIE Bravissimo steam generator

Power ironing system Tefal Easy Pressing The GV5246 is 2400 W, and 1 liter of water is placed in the tank. Weight, of course, felt at 4.5 kg.The pressure in the steam generator is 4.5 bar, and for supplying steam up to 90 g / min there is a manual adjustment. There is also a steam boost function - 100 g / min. Handles clothes and upright.

 Tefal Easy Pressing GV5246

Ironing system Tefal Easy Pressing GV5246

So, how to choose a decent steam generator for the house? We must proceed from the needs that motivate the user to make such a purchase. In this case, the thing will be really necessary, and the acquisition is justified.

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