Dry cleaning of the car interior using a steam generator

Cleaning the car is made external and internal, for these purposes special equipment and detergents are used. Regarding interior cleaning, the approach is more scrupulous, as there is a combination of upholstery, seat, interior panel, door upholstery and ceiling. Steam generator for dry cleaning of the car is the most effective and gentle method of internal cleaning.

The essence of the steam generator

Already from the name of the device, it follows that the device is steam generation mechanism. The special capacity of the steam generator is filled with water, which under the influence of high temperature is generated in the steam. Depending on the power of the device exhibited the power of the steam jet, which cleans the car interior.

 Steam generator cleaning

Removing dirt can be from the surface such as leather, velor, plastic, glass. Without the use of aggressive detergents, the steam generator allows you to remove greasy dirt, mold, glue, gum, stains from lubricants, resin. There may be additional functions in the device that allow not only to dry-clean the cabin, but also surface disinfection.

There is a possibility of cleaning with the use of detergents and the function of moisture absorption.

Where to use steam equipment

The steam generator is used in different areas, but the task with the help of it is the same - thorough removal of any contamination. Equipment can be professional, with great power. As a rule, such units are used at the service station, where there is a car wash service, or at individual service stations, auto chemical cleaning.

The device can be used not only for interior cleaning, but also for the engine. This is the safest way to remove contaminants, since dry steam is used.. Thus, in comparison with a conventional car wash, there is no contact between the working area of ​​the vehicle's knots and water. Steam unit copes with any cleaning car upholsteryregardless of leather interior or fabric.

 Upholstery cleaning

Due to the ability of the device to clean the fabric without moisture, this device is very much in demand by clearing companies for cleaning upholstered furniture, carpets.

The use of a steam generator for dry cleaning a car is also possible independently. For home use You should not overpay, acquiring a powerful unit, enough steam pressure of 4 bar. Such a device will allow for high-quality cleaning of the car’s interior, and if necessary, furniture in the house. In case of need to wash the engine, choose the power of steam pressure is already 5-6 bar.

Benefits of using a steam generator

The steam unit can have many functions that allow you to carefully take care of the car interior and other equipment. The priority tasks in cleaning are as follows:

  • ability to clean the surface in hard to reach places;
  • seat upholstery processing can be done without chemical detergents;
  • eliminates unpleasant smell, due to the deep penetration of hot steam into soft car seats, you can even get rid of tobacco;
  • rugs are processed at a high rate of steam supply and drying, which prevents the formation of dampness and, as a result, mold;
  • Steam treatment is safe for built-in equipment.

The modern way of cleaning the car's interior with a steam generator allows you to cope with the most difficult pollution. Since the mechanism of the device provides for dry surface treatment, the car can be used immediately after cleaning. With the presence of household steam unit, you can keep the seats of vehicles and upholstered home furniture in perfect cleanliness.

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