How to use a steam generator to clean windows

With the arrival of warm summer days, the hostess is faced with the question of clean windows. To wash or not is not even considered, but what and how - this is already a dilemma. I want to spend a minimum of time, effort and money. With the current variety of methods it is difficult to choose the right one. In the old manner with newspapers or with the help of special cloths, using modern detergents or a new-fashioned steam generator for washing windows? The first two methods are well known to us, but it would be advisable to deal with the third one.

What is a steam cleaner for washing windows

In general, a steam cleaner for window cleaning is a universal device. Operating principle It has the similarity of work with domestic irons: water is poured into the tank, brought to a boil, forming the outgoing air flow under pressure.Due to this, there is a deep cleansing (whereas with mechanical washing only a superficial wash) from dirt, dust and dust, plumbing, mirrors, and, of course, windows of interest to us. The efficiency of these units is achieved in combination of powerful air jets with high temperature conditions.. With their help, the maximum result is achieved, penetration into hard-to-reach places is ensured.

 Steam generator for windows

Recommendation from manufacturers: you can use only purified water (boiled, distilled, filtered).

Mode of application

Before you start washing windows you need clean frame. Excess moisture should be removed with a cloth or cloth. It is more convenient to wash the glass in cool weather: the surface will not dry out as quickly without the use of abrasive cleaners. The working process is performed from the top point downwards, first the outer side, and then the inner. Turn on the machine, wait for the water to boil and steam will start to stand out, then wash it. Excess fluid is removed with a scraper to avoid drips. The process is not laborious, and the child can handle it.

Tip! Use heated water for the gulf, then boiling occurs much faster.

You can also use window cleaning. multifunctional steam generator. Its functional features are much wider: in addition to washing windows, sanitary equipment, mirror surfaces, steam cleaning, ironing of clothes, curtains, furniture, etc. are still available. with the included special nozzle.

 Steam generator with nozzles

Pros and cons of the method

The analysis of its positive and negative sides will help determine whether it is worth buying this device to wash the windows in its home.

Advantages of steam cleaners for windows:

  • you can use in any season, avoiding precipitation;
  • steam not only cleans, but also disinfects the surface, killing harmful microbes, which is an important factor for allergy sufferers;
  • does not require the addition of detergent chemicals;
  • offline operation.

 Cleaning the glass with a steam generator

Among the minuses are the following:

  • most models are quite heavy;
  • there are no steam intensity control buttons;
  • can burn hot steam (if the family has kids who have all chances to get to the working device,it is advisable to buy a model with protection against burns);
  • Some models have very short battery life.

How to choose a device

In order to choose the optimally convenient, efficient steam generator for washing windows, before buying, it is necessary to study in detail the offers on the market and evaluate the quality characteristics. The main selection criteria:

  • the number of effective steam supply should be from 700 to 1300 watts;
  • tank size - varies from 200 to 1500 ml, the rate of water heating directly depends on the volume of the tank (the greater the capacity, the longer the heating, the average boiling time is 5-7 minutes);
  • materialfrom which the water tank is made: plastic, metal (steel or aluminum - preferably, prevents the formation of scale);
  • steam generation method - straight-through or intra-fuel;
  • pressure level for normal operation, portable steam cleaners should be approximately 3 bars;
  • completeness: the presence of a funnel, measuring cup for the infusion of fluid, a variety of napkins.

Of course, it is necessary to clean the windows of your apartment, because with dirty glasses the loss of light penetration is 30-40%,which can adversely affect our health. And so what to wash, it's your choice.

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