What makes Karcher steam mops comfortable?

Cleanliness in the house is always easier to direct, using all sorts of "brainchild" of technical progress. Then the cleaning will take a minimum of time with a decent quality of its results. The irreplaceable assistant of any hostess is Steam Mop Karcher, and the German company, which produces them, is considered the leader in the field of cleaning.

How the device works

The device of this electrical device resembles ordinary vacuum cleaner, but it is much more convenient to use it. In addition, with the help of a powerful steam jet, you can cope with complex pollution in hard to reach places:

  1. The device operates under a steam pressure of 3-4 bar. For household high-quality cleaning of surfaces is quite enough. In industrial units, the pressure is usually much higher.
  2. It is completely safe for children, as it involves protection in the form of a special safety valve that prevents the child from disassembling the device.
  3. In fact, since the inclusion of the steam mop into the network, it is ready to work on any surfaces.
  4. It can clean not only smooth surfaces, but also contamination of tiles and its seams.
  5. Its weight is small enough and it is convenient to manage it in all positions. Mop can also be used to clean windows, mirrors and various glass surfaces.
  6. The kit includes several nozzles and different types of brushes, which is enough for household cleaning.

 Karcher steam mop at work

Basic equipment

The basis of the mop is a genital brush with clamps for fixing the fabric. The area of ​​the working surface of the brush is slightly increased for the convenience of cleaning large areas. In addition to the mop kit includes:

  1. A small brush with sufficiently strong bristles for use in mechanical cleaning. In addition to such a brush, a cloth is attached, in cases where hard bristles are not recommended.
  2. Additional nozzle in the form of a nozzle for cleaning seams, crevices. Under pressure from a steam jet, dirt is removed from all poorly accessible places.Moreover, even dried mud softens and is easy to clean.
  3. A small round brush with which you can clean small surfaces, combining the advantages of bristles and steam treatment.
  4. Also, the instrument kit includes two connecting tubes to simplify the cleaning of tiled surfaces (tiled walls in the bathroom, floors).
  5. The steam mop for convenience of work with it, is equipped with the ergonomic handle in the form of the gun for the minimum load of hands. You can work with a mop for a long time and not get tired.
  6. Button to switch the power of steam pressure, which has three positions to select the optimal cleaning mode. The third button also serves to block from accidentally pressing the steam supply button (a protective function from children's curiosity).
 Karcher steam mop - complete set

Complete set of steam mop

Advantages of a steam brush

These devices will be happy young mothers who do not have much time for high-quality home cleaning. With its use it is possible to bring cleanliness and order to any home in a short time. The advantages of this device include the following:

  1. Environmentally friendly, since only water and no chemicals are used to clean the dirt.This brush is very suitable for people prone to allergies.
  2. Hot steam here acts as a disinfectant that kills harmful microorganisms.
  3. A steam brush Karcher, as well as a vacuum cleaner, is necessary if you need to carry out a very high-quality cleaning together with disinfection at home.
  4. The mop weighs about 3 kg, it is convenient to roll it on the floor on wheels with which it is equipped, like a vacuum cleaner, than to hold it in your hands.

 Karcher steam mop in assembled condition

The average price of such a steam brush depends on the modification and amounts to about $ 500.

The disadvantage of the device is often called his rather high cost. Although you can buy it cheaper, but without some additional tips and functional add-ons.

It should be noted that steam cleaning tiles and porcelain surfaces is not safe for the latter. There may be microcracks, destruction. When cleaning them, you need to choose a more gentle mode and do not clean too often.

How to properly care for the device

How to use the Karcher steam brush correctly so that it lasts as long as possible?

  1. To start work, you need to fill in the tank with about 0.8 liters of water, which will be enough to process 80m.2 surface.It is better to use water that is purified so that less scale is formed in the device.
  2. After the cleaning process it is necessary to wash all the nozzles under a tap from a tap. Dry well and fold gently in the back of the device.
  3. If fabric cloths were used during cleaning, they should also be well washed and dried.

Since a steam mop usually comes with one cloth and one round brush, which are not enough for frequent and lengthy cleanups, it is better to stock up on an additional set of them. And it is better to have brushes for hygiene purposes. some - for each room (kitchen, toilet, bathroom) separate.

One of the distinguishing features of the steam generator of such a brush is scale formation (as in teapots, irons). The operating Karcher steam system is quite complex, it requires special care. To remove the scum, it is best to use a special tool - antinakipin.

Council When carrying out frequent and thorough cleaning, it is necessary to periodically replace the container intended for water and clean it regularly.

Popular models of electric steam mops

Karcher manufactures different models of these devices, they differ in functionality,the number of nozzles and modes of operation and, accordingly, the price, for example:

  1. Model SC1020, with modes of cleaning carpets, washing windows and mirrors, an average cost of 150-170 dollars.
     Steam mop Karcher SC1020
  2. Model SC1030, in addition to carpet cleaning modes, contains a mode that allows you to clean linoleum and laminate. Also, it can be cleaned and ironed clothes on a hanger. Its cost is 270-350 dollars.
     Steam mop Karcher SC1030
  3. Model SC 2600, is distinguished by its uniqueness, since it is subject to almost everything. It can clean any surfaces, wash mirrors, windows, stained glass. Handles carpets, laminate, linoleum. Applying a special nozzle in the form of iron, you can iron any fabrics and types of clothing. The mop cleans upholstered furniture and even washes the car. Its cost is more than 400 dollars.
     Steam mop Karcher SC 2600

  4. The most optimal steam brush model is the SC 2500, which can perform almost any kind of cleaning operation. The capacity of her 0.8 liters. With a working pressure of 3 bar, the device operates with a power of 1500W.
     Steam mop Karcher SC 2500

  5. By the way, such models of electric steam mops are also produced, which have the functions of a vacuum cleaner. They can collect garbage in a garbage container attached to the handle. Most of these steam devices work with batteries that have their own convenience,as it does not require frequent charging.
     Karcher steam mop with vacuum cleaner

The more functions are contained in such a steam device, the higher will be its cost. By the way, his weight will also be more.

Karcher manufactures incredibly functional home appliances that help maintain order and cleanliness in the home. A steam mop, just like a vacuum cleaner, cleans and cleans the house well, is an excellent helper for any hostess. It is easy to manage, it is environmentally friendly and safe.

Among the devices of this type have also proven themselves steam mops Kitfort KT-1001 andH2O Mop X5.

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