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Each housewife wants to iron faster and more efficiently, so that the clothes do not have the slightest folds, for this many of them are already thinking about buying a steam generator. Experts consider it the best replacement for an iron: it is convenient, it works efficiently, facilitates the process of ironing and saves time. We will explain in detail the device of the steam generator, its principle of operation and advantages over the ordinary stripping.

 Girl strokes an iron with a steam generator


Our ancestors stroked with the help of huge irons from cast iron, which were heated on a home-made stove and kept warm for a long time, the smoothing of the folds took place under their very decent weight. Then their electrical counterparts appeared, but the housewives used wet gauze to steam some item. At the end of the last century, products with a steamer began to appear: perforations were made on the sole of the iron,and through them steam could handle clothes.

Today there are irons equipped for sale special stationwhere the heater is located for the steam generator, the water tank, and the generated steam is fed into the device through a special hose. The external view of the Philips mobile station (Philips) is shown below:

 Steam generator

Important! The steam station plays the main role in the domestic steam generator - this is where the steam is heated to the optimum temperature.

How does the steam generator? The main details of any similar device, without which his work is impossible, are shown in the diagram:

 Steam generator circuit

  1. A reservoir for the fluid where it is heated.
  2. Electric tubular heating element (TEH).
  3. Thermostat.
  4. Fuse temperature.
  5. Switch to adjust the pressure.
  6. Safety cap safety valve.
  7. A valve that opens the steam outlet.
  8. Steam Dosing Regulator

Some models of similar Philips stations are equipped with pressure gauges.

Principle of operation

In order for the steam station to function normally, you need to unscrew safety valve cover and fill the tank with water, connect the device to the network with a voltage of 220 V.On the control panel there is a button for switching on the heating element, after which the water in the boiler heats up to 160 degrees, acquiring the properties of dry steam.

The pressure does not exceed 0.35 MPa. A few minutes later the station from Philips is ready for use. Protective functions are performed by a thermostat and a fuse: if the temperature of the steam rises above normal, the thermostat turns off the heating element, when it is lowered, it also turns on the heater. If the thermostat is broken, then its function is performed by a fuse. Burning out, it disconnects the entire circuit from the voltage - to ensure safe operation, its replacement is required.

On the station panel there are signal lights indicating that the steam is ready for use.

 Bulbs on the steam generator

Dry steam perfectly smoothes textile clothing, it is recommended to use different nozzles, a brush or an iron - the result is comparable to the processes used. in dry cleaners. With the help of the Philips steam generator, the principle of which we have explained, you can successfully remove stains from wine, juice or coffee not only on clothes, it will quickly remove the sticky gum.


Today, on the market, all types of these devices are conventionally divided into three types:

  • with a boiler for the formation of steam and its injection by boiling - the principle of the steam device, which has impressive dimensions;
  • instant steam creation when injecting a small portion of water on the heating elements - they are small in size;
  • with constant water supply from a separate tank - such structures are installed in standard dry cleaners.

As a rule, additional settings for heating the sole are not needed by such a device - only a steam power regulator with which you can process all types of fabrics.

It is better to choose the coating of the sole from ceramics, since it is resistant to mechanical damage, it is easy to take care of it.

 Ceramic floor sole

As you have seen, the principle of operation of the steam generator is not very complex, we described in detail how the Philips brand installation works in everyday life. Other models function in a similar way, although each has its own particular nuances.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each product has certain positive and negative qualities - the steam generator is not an exception to these rules.


  • steam is dry, so you can handle any clothes;
  • the device can even smooth out folded fabric due to high temperature;
  • it is convenient to process bed linen and terry towels;
  • quick leads trousers arrowswho hold on for a long time;
  • significantly reduces the time of the whole process, making it less burdensome;
  • sufficient water tank does not require constant topping up;
  • delicate attitude towards soft tissues;
  • the control panel allows you to select the optimal modes of steam supply, which allows you to use an iron as an ordinary household appliance, if necessary.

 Vertical ironing


  • in some models it is not convenient to wind the double wire for storage;
  • capacity is needed often descaler;
  • the usual iron is more compact than a steam generator station in operating condition;
  • for steam generators it is necessary to use purified liquid (to prevent the rapid formation of deposits and soot in the boiler tank);
  • the cost of a domestic steam generator is significantly higher than a steam iron.

Many users do not stop these negative aspects of the use of such equipment, because the advantages of a steam generator is much greater.

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