Dishwasher - an electromechanical device used in the home for washing dishes. In order for the machine to perform its functions, it must be connected to electricity, water and sewage. The undoubted advantage of using the machine is water saving and efficiency.

Although the first dishwashers appeared in 1850 and 1865, they did not find their use due to imperfect structures. But the American car Josephine Cochrane, invented in 1887 and having a manual drive, received a certain recognition. Already in 1924, the Englishman William Howard Livens proposed a variant that gradually got accustomed, and then was improved and added with new possibilities.

The washing process is very simple, but it frees up a lot of time at the housewives. How is everything going? At first, the dishes are freed from food debris and put into the machine at certain places for this type of dish. A detergent is added and the desired program is activated.The dishes are soaked with cold water, and only after that the washing process begins. Hot water and detergent beats in different directions, thereby washing away the grease and dirt from the dishes. Then rinse with clean water. For machines with drying, a hot stream of air dries the dishes.

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