Advantages of HotPoint Ariston Dishwashers

The range of large household appliances for the home is expanding every year. The dishwasher Ariston, which is called the personification of high-tech developments, was no exception. Every hostess wants to have such an assistant. Dishwasher brand Hotpoint-Ariston will not only make life easier, but also perfectly fit into the interior of the room. The choice of technology is enormous: from standard stand-alone appliances to built-in small-sized dishwasher. Consider the main advantages, features of dishwashers and popular models of the Italian brand.


About brand

Reliability of household appliances, European quality and efficiency, innovative technologies - all this is about the Italian trademark Hotpoint-Ariston. The well-known brand is owned by Indesit and has more than 14 enterprises worldwide.Brand Indesit is a well-known manufacturer of large household appliances. Since its founding in 1930, the Italian company Indesit Company has introduced innovative technologies in the improvement and development of consumer equipment. The Hotpoint-Ariston brand entered the Russian market in 1993 after opening a representative office in Moscow. In 2004, the company bought and retrained machine-building factory in Lipetsk, which now produce washing machines and refrigerators. In the Lipetsk region is a large logistics center, which is known in Europe and beyond.

The Russian market for Indesit RUS accounts for about 30% of sales of consumer household appliances.

 Open dishwasher

Advantages of Ariston Dishwashers

Among the features of Hotpoint points from Indesit include:

  • low noise level is ensured by the use of soundproof material that absorbs sounds, as well as system Supersilent;
  • availability of a spacious basket compared to similar models of other companies;
  • function "child protection"Allows you to control the process of washing dishes;
  • a variety of programs, from pre-soaking to drying dishes;
  • economic water consumption (sign Zone wash speaks of saving electricity by 30%);
  • intelligent control that allows users to spend the least amount of time;
  • special technology Active oxygen removes unpleasant odors thanks to the built-in ozonator, and also destroys microbes with bacteria;
  • Ariston dishwasher range ensures optimum control of the internal space;
  • high definition function guarantees high-quality removal of dirt from tableware;
  • cleaning program Self clean dishwasher provides delicate self-cleaning device and removing bacteria;
  • Rinse aid and salt sensors.

Those who choose a functional and economical dishwasher, you need to look at home appliances "Indesit". Along with the Ardo technique, it is easy to operate and has all the advantages of European quality.

 White dishwasher

To get a real idea of ​​these typewriters, we suggest reading the review of user reviews of the Italian brand.

Reviews on popular models

LSF 7237

Alexey, 25 years old: “The device copes with pollution, while using a minimum of liquid (10 liters). The standard cycle is about 1.5 hours.The basket contains 10 sets of cutlery. The model is perfect for small room, as the width of the unit is 45 cm. »


Natalia, 30 years old: “Ariston Hotpoin dishwasher has an excellent design with a minimum width of the body. The device has soak program, express cycle, designed to launder unpolluted dishes. Among the shortcomings, I note the absence of a sound signal, there are leaks of the machine even if there is a protection function against them, the electronics can fail. ”


Maxim, 37 years old: “To the main advantages of using this model I will take the opportunity to integrate a typewriter into a kitchen set and a minimum of buttons. With programs and features you can quickly figure out by reading the instructions for using Hotpoint-Ariston. The advantages includelow price device, the disadvantages - noisy work and the lack of a display. "

LTF 11S111 O

Marina, 34 years old: “This Ariston machine is designed for 15 sets of dishes, it is possible to wash large dishes (pans, pans, pots). The tray can be loaded with cleaning products three in one. The size of the unit is full, it is perfect for a spacious room.However, the large capacity of the device does not affect the water consumption - the unit is economical. "

LSF 935 X

Anastasia, 29 years old: “A feature of this machine is condensation wash with hot air drying. In it you can wash various dishes, even fragile ones. After a wash cycle, the unit beeps. The device is endowed with 9 programs, operating modes are conveniently visible on the display. The disadvantages are the high price of the dishwasher. ”

High-quality dishwashing, removal of unpleasant odors, hygiene, functionality, efficiency and optimal space management - all this is about the models from Indesit. Using a modern Hotpoint-Ariston dishwasher will greatly facilitate the daily work of the mistress in the kitchen, and also save the family budget.

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Comments: 3
Nata / 06/14/2018 at 06:01

PMM’s sister of this company is very praised) we bought Indesit a hundred years ago, so far it’s still working, we’re not going to change it)

    Paul / 05/07/2018 at 05:03

    I completely agree with the article, from myself I’ll only add that I personally like Hotpoint, I like the new models, they screwed up everything they could, in a good sense of the word.

      Daniel / 11/15/2017 at 11:04

      Well .. apparently, for me Hotpoint will be perfect) The other day in the store they will be dishwasher and look for it)


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