Sewing machine

Sewing machine - a device for sewing products and finishing materials. The scope of their application is wide. This industry light industry, as well as use at home.

The first cars appeared in the XIV century in Holland and were used for tailoring sails. And only in the XIX century, the American Elias Howe managed to create a sewing machine that looked like a modern model. The designs improved over time, but the main innovations were made by American Isaac Singer, who in 1850 opened a company for the production of devices.

To date, used three types of machines. Mechanical devices with hand and foot control, able to perform one straight line. They are very rare, but they can do simple work. Electromechanical devices are arranged almost as well, but have an electric drive, on which work the sewing process is based. The functionality of the machines is much wider. The seams can be chosen by yourself, the machine embroiders, sweeps over the edges, sews buttons.

Programmable sewing machines, where all functions are performed by a microprocessor with a user-friendly display, are capable of performing many operations. Software can optionally be added and modified.

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