Choosing the right size washing machine

Very often, the size of the washing machine machines play a crucial role in their choice: in the conditions of our small apartments, especially one-and two-bedroom, it is difficult to choose a suitable place for the machine. Sometimes even the functionality mark and technological characteristics are not as important as the dimensions of a new washing machine. Various options are considered: washing machine in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the hallway. Let's try to figure out what overall dimensions the washing machine should have in order to fit into the interior of even a very small apartment.

 Choosing a washing machine

Standard sizes

Most styralocs come in standardized heights, widths and depths. For an average family consisting of a couple of parents and two children,a medium-sized machine with a loading capacity of 6 kg of linen (it is also called full-size) is quite suitable.

The dimensions of such a machine are as follows:

  • the width of the washing machine is usually 60 cm;
  • depth - 60 cm;
  • the height of the washing machine is 85-90 cm.

Narrow and ultra narrow are called washing machines 40 or 35 cm deep. Having a standard height, they are perfectly integrated into the kitchen or bathroom furniture sets.

There are such compact modelswhich can put under the sink in the bath or in the kitchen. Such washing machines have a height of 80 cm or even 70 cm. In the event that there is a sufficiently deep for the unit, but the space is narrow on both sides, it will be advisable to take a closer look at the washing machines with top loading: their standard width is 40 cm.

 Washing machine under the sink

If it is not possible to install a unit with a vertical load, and the opening does not allow to accommodate a full-sized washing machine, pay attention to devices with a width of up to 50 cm. They are produced by such European manufacturers as Candy, Zanussi.

Comparing vertical and front loading

Have washing machines with front loading, as with the vertical, there are advantages and disadvantages.Of course, the device with a transparent hatch in front looks very familiar and beautiful against the background of a kitchen or bathroom furniture. Features of such machines:

  1. Full-size views with a load of 6 kg, placed under the working surfaces.
  2. The top cover can be used as a shelf for bath accessories.
  3. The front hatch opens forward, so space must be provided for it.
  4. It is possible to observe the washing process, to identify some faults.

Owners of apartments with a small area can pay attention to comfortable and compact views with top loading. Consider also their features.

  • The dimensions of such washing machines: width 40 cm, depth 60 cm, height usually standard, but can be from 80 cm
  • To open the top cover requires free space on top.
  • Thanks to this structure, it can be squeezed even between two walls or surfaces.
  • It is convenient to get the laundry, as there is a function of stopping the drum upwards with a lock.

 Vertical loading machine

Thus, both models will be appropriate in different free space conditions. The location of the loading hatch does not affect the quality of washing, but, practice shows,that the machines with the top hinged lid are preferred by the owners of small kitchens and baths.

Tips for choosing

Here are a few tips that the buyer should be guided by so as not to be mistaken with the parameters of the machines machine for perfect placement in the apartment:

  1. First of all, determine the place in your house where it will be convenient to place the washing machine. The unit can be put on the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the hallway and even in the built-in closet. Measure the selected space with a tape measure in three dimensions so that in each direction there is a margin of at least several centimeters. The depth of the washing machine should be from by stock minimum 6 cm to accommodate connected hoses.
  2. Even if your bath or kitchen allows you to fit a car with standard sizes of 6 kg, it is also important to make sure that the purchase will pass in your doorways. It happens that the narrow doors do not allow to carry a washing machine 40 cm deep. In such a situation, you can go to the trick, and remove the door jamb temporarily to somehow expand the space. You can also make a choice in favor of the machine with a vertical load, its width will allow to make it even in the narrowest passage.
  3. If you decide to build a washing machine under the surface of the sink or sinks, choose a compact model with a height of no more than 80 cm and front loading. Because you will not have the opportunity to open the top cover to load clothes.
  4. The smaller the device measures, the smaller its drum. It means that loading volume compact device will not exceed 5 kg. If you need a car with dryingIt is better to choose full-size options with a spacious drum.

You do not buy a washing machine for one year, so try to consider all the installation options. Put the unit so that it was convenient to use it, and it did not take up much space. Due to the large selection of models today it is easy to implement completely different installation options.

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