How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of a washing machine automatic

Modern household appliances are designed to make the lives of their owners easier and more convenient, but improper operating conditions can lead to problems with the device. Then various questions may arise, for example, how to get rid of the smell in the washing machine machine.

Sources of unpleasant odor

Before you begin to solve the problem, how to eliminate the smell in the washing machine machine, you need to understand what causes it. Depending on what is causing the putrid odor, choose the means to eliminate it.

The most frequent distributors of unpleasant odors in the washing machine are:

  • bacteria;
  • mushrooms;
  • scum;
  • garbage.

In fact, only microorganisms are a source of smut and mustiness, and scum and debris are only a favorable environment for their reproduction and prosperity. From this we can make a logical conclusion that in order to remove a bad smell, it is necessary to destroy microorganisms and a favorable environment for their development.

 Unpleasant smell in the washing machine


The first step in deciding how to remove the smell from a washing machine is to find the location of the problem. As soon as a spare part has been found on which microorganisms have accumulated, and a disgusting aroma has appeared, it can be cleaned or replaced.

Most frequent places Reproduction mold and fungi are:

  1. Powder container and special groove for it.
  2. Connecting hose between the powder container and the tank.
  3. Rubber seal ring-shaped near the loading hatch dirty laundry.
  4. Connecting hose between the tank and sewage.
  5. Drain filter.
  6. The tank itself, especially its bottom.
  7. TEN and its surrounding parts.

Fine powder and rinse particles often remain in the powder container, which is the breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

 Powder container

Similar particles remain on the connecting hose between the tank and the powder container. Very often, the wall of the hose is completely covered with a bloom of powder and rinse, in which microorganisms settle, emitting a terrible smell.

A rubber hatch seal ring is the most common residence of mold. Due to the fact that the ring dries badly and pieces of dirty clothes and powder get into it, bacteria and fungi flourish in it. How and what to clean the gum tank - read here.

 Mold on rubber door washer washing machine

Drain hose - also a very popular place to live microorganisms. After each wash, particles of detergents, debris and hairs from dirty clothes are deposited on the walls of the hose, and therefore microscopic residents live so freely here.

 Washer Hose

The drain filter is just the same and takes on a blow to hold dirt and litter, and therefore is highly susceptible to the reproduction of smelly microorganisms on it.

After each wash, there is always a small amount of water at the bottom of the tank with litter and particles of cloth, powder, that is, all that is very attractive for unpleasant little inhabitants.

Finally, scale accumulating on the heating elements of the machine and surrounding parts is an excellent place for mold and bacteria to live. Cleaning the heater from scale will help prevent it from breaking.

 Scum on the heating elements of the washing machine

Remove unpleasant odor

After localization of the problem was detected, it is time to remove the unpleasant smell from the washing machine.

There are only two options - cleaning the dispenser from dirt or replacing and installing spare parts for a washing machine.

Of course, replacing rotten and polluted elements of the unit is a rather expensive way to solve the problem. Therefore, it should be resorted to only if it was not possible to eliminate the problem of the spread of a terrible smell by cleaning.

 Replacing parts in a washing machine

However, to get the desired result, you need to know exactly how to clean the washing machine. Cleaning will include the following steps, depending on the location of the problem:

  1. All visible dirt should be washed with a special tool, chlorine-containing solutions or capsules for the dishwasher, and then dry thoroughly.
  2. If blockages occur, they must be eliminated. Find out, how to clean the drain hose right.
  3. Start washing the empty machine with chlorine-containing products or capsules for the dishwasher at the highest temperature, and then turn on the extra rinse mode.
  4. If this does not bring results, then you need to start idle washing at a high temperature with the addition of citric acid or vinegar, this will get rid of scale.
  5. The next iteration is to run the wash with a packet of soda in order to remove moldand then turn on the extra rinse.
  6. If there is a suspicion of a blockage, you can run an empty wash at a high temperature with the addition of half a liter of bleach or a means for cleaning pipes (but in no case together).
  7. A gentle method of removing the musty smell from the washing machine is to start the boiling mode with ordinary powder, and then an additional rinse.
  8. The simplest method for removing odors from a washing machine is to use special detergents with an antibacterial effect; you just need to follow the instructions for using them.
  9. If the machine emits an unpleasant chemical smell, then you need to start 2-3 idle wash with a temperature of 30-40 degrees.

If the parts could not be cleaned, they should be replaced with spare ones. You can do it yourself, or ask for help from specialists.

Other causes of the stench and how to deal with them

Not only musty or putrid odors can spread from the washing machine, but also the smell of sewage. If this happened immediately after the first connection of the machine, then the cause is most likely wrong installation drain hose or check valve. It is possible that the valve passes an unpleasant smell from the sewer into the machine, hence the stench. It is easy to fix, just reinstall the hose according to the instructions.

If the sewage odor has appeared after some time of use of the unit, then the cause is most likely pipe blockage. In this case, the disgusting smell will also come from the sink around the house. The solution to this problem will be to eliminate the blockage.

 Clogged pipe

If there is no blockage, and it smells unpleasant from the washing machine, the reason will be check valve breakage, that is, the hose began to pass the odor from the pipes into the machine.

The reason for the multiplication of bacteria can be constant cold wash. Therefore, it is imperative check the operation of the heating element in the car, perhaps, the heater broke, and the machine washes with cold water. Therefore, when deciding how to remove the smell from the washer, you need to check the performance of all its parts.

 TEN washing machine

If the smell appeared after idle washing with citric acid, then it means that destroyed the top layer microorganisms deposited on machine parts, therefore, to completely remove them, the procedure must be repeated once more.

If the unpleasant smell remains on the laundry, the machine must first be cleaned, and then the laundry should be re-washed.

Preventing fetid odor

In order not to remove the rotten smell from the washing machine, you can simply not allow it to appear. To do this, you must comply with basic preventive measures:

  1. After each wash, be sure to dry the drum of the unit and rinse the detergent container thoroughly.
  2. After each launch, the washer should be allowed to dry all its parts, for this you need to leave the device open for a couple of hours, and it is better to always keep the unit door open.
  3. It is not allowed to store dirty things in the drum of the machine, it promotes the growth of bacteria, it is necessary to use special containers for this.
  4. During washing it is necessary to use high-quality detergents and add anti-scale products to them, for example, Calgonto protect instrument parts.
  5. Do not use too much rinse, it settles on the walls of the spare parts of the unit and promotes the reproduction of microorganisms.
  6. All washing and cleaning solutions and powders should be used only according to the instructions and choose correct dosage.
  7. Periodically need clean all filters and hoses to prevent debris, threads and hairs from clothes from accumulating in them.
  8. Periodically, once a couple of months for the prevention, you need to run a idle wash with citric acid or vinegar to clean the parts and remove scale.
  9. You can not wash clothes all the time at low temperatures, at least once a month you need to turn on the boiling mode for disinfection of parts of the device.

By following these simple guidelines for caring for the unit, you may not have to decide how to get rid of the smell in the washing machine.If the problem nevertheless arose, and it is impossible to cope with it on its own, then in this case one should resort to the help of professionals, they know for sure how to remove the unpleasant odor.

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