Iron is a household appliance whose goal is to smooth wrinkles and folds on clothing and other fabric surfaces. Ironing is an important household procedure, and today there is hardly a family that does not have this important attribute.

Iron came into human life about 2,000 years ago. Of course, it was different from modern devices. These were stones, boards, rolling pins, capable of somehow smoothing the clothes. Soon, a device similar to a modern iron was made in China. Records of the Russian metal iron fall in 1636, when the blacksmith Ivan Trofimov made the device for the royal court.

The current irons are light and functional. They are made of materials that do not require much effort when ironing. Normal weight from 0.7 to 1.5 kg. You should not buy a device of high power, as it does not affect the result, but the costs of electricity will be large. It is quite enough to have models with a power of 1600–1800 W.

To perform the procedure, you should select the temperature depending on the type of fabric.Modern devices are characterized by automatic shut-off mode, anti-scale protection, different types of steaming, anti-drip method and spraying.
Among the Russian population, the most popular are irons of European manufacturers.

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