An electric shaver is an electromechanical shaving device. The main competitor of the electric razor is the razor, which served as a prototype for its creation. During the injury, the American colonel J. Schick discovered how difficult it is to shave the blade using water and cream. This led him to the idea of ​​creating a device that as a result of upgrades has become a modern electric razor.

The electric shaver is designed in such a way that its knives do not touch the skin and do not injure it. Shaving does not require additional components. There are rotary and net razors. Rotary knives have rounded knives that rotate inside the heads, of which there are 2-3 pieces. Netting razors have vibrating knives closed for safety with a mesh. The number of heads varies from 1 to 4 elements. These razors are more suitable for sensitive skin and long and thick bristles.

Work electric shavers from the network or battery. To extend the life of the shaver, complete with brushes for cleaning. There are electric shavers for lovers of wet shaving, where you can use the gel.To care for them after use, they should be rinsed.

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