The epilator is an electrical analogue of tweezers for removing unwanted hairs on the body. The device was first invented in Israel 20 years ago. Epilady has patented an electric hair removal device with a rotating coil spring. Later, improved analogs with rotating disks appeared. The action of the modern device is based on a multi-pinset system. The device consists of several pairs of rotating metal plates, which, in contact, capture even the almost imperceptible hairs (up to 0.5 mm) and, like tweezers, pitch them together with the bulb.

To reduce pain reactions and skin irritation, manufacturers equip devices with several high-speed modes, additional nozzles with functions of cooling, massaging the skin. Completion of models depends on the manufacturer. A low speed mode is recommended for removing short and tough hairs, turbo mode is effective for epilating longer vegetation.Sensitive skin type is better suited for the cooling effect on epilation, and for skin prone to irritation, it is preferable to massage.

Depending on the method of power supply, epilators are divided into network, battery-powered and with a combined type of power. Models with a combined power supply are more mobile and universal, but the cost of these devices is higher than that of mains or battery models.

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