Hair dryer

A hair dryer is an electrical household appliance that allows you to quickly dry your hair with a stream of heated air. Thanks to the German company Sanitas from Dortmund, in the beginning of the 20th century the first hairdryer appeared. He looked like a tin can fitted with a wooden handle and a welded metal tube. Inside the device was an internal combustion engine.

Modern devices are simple and easy to use. According to its purpose, hair dryers are divided into professional, household and compact. They differ in power: devices of low power up to 2000 W and high power from 2000 W, as well as heating elements, which are metal and ceramic. Metal heaters are gradually replaced by ceramic elements, giving a more efficient heating of the air jet.

Some hair dryers have power switches, temperature modes, which can be from 2 to 6 positions, as well as a button to turn the heating element on and off. The kit with a hairdryer includes various nozzles and brushes that help not only to dry hair, but also to make a good hair style, styling, to give your hair an unusual shape.

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