Hair clipper

The hair clipper is a sought-after modern hair care device. Home trimmer allows you to make short haircuts for adults and children, and men can trim sideburns, beard and mustache on their own, without going to a beauty salon. With the help of a professional device, the masters cut out creative patterns, cut the ends of hair, trim the fringe.

Until 1911, barbers used scissors and primitive mechanical devices to perform haircuts. The prototype of modern electric hair clippers is obliged to mankind by an American student Leo J. Val. He had the idea to use an electric motor in mechanical powering devices.

Modern models of hair machines vary in purpose. Universal and narrowly targeted devices are available: for the care of a beard and mustache, or for cutting hair in nose and ears. Manufacturers also offer kits: a clipper with beard and mustache attachments plus a trimmer for cutting out vegetation in delicate places.Most models are equipped with a length adjustment knob (the choice of adjustments is small). More advanced models with a wide range of installations are equipped with restrictive removable nozzles. According to the type of power source, the machines can be mains, battery or combined.

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