Airbrush - a device for contactless makeup

Airbrushing (applying paint by spraying) is used in many areas: from industry and construction to artistic creation. This method is also used for cosmetic purposes: dyes are applied to the skin using an airbrush for makeup. From the traditional way of applying cosmetics, makeup with an airbrush is distinguished by a more subtle and uniform distribution of products on the skin due to non-contact spraying.

The principle of the cosmetic airbrush

Airbrushing in cosmetics was first used in cinema in 1958. to create an artificial uniform tan a large number of actors involved in the filming of the film "Ben-Hur."The successful experience of spraying cosmetics gave impetus to the development of technologies and the production of airbrushes for the beauty sector.


Externally, the airbrush for the face and body looks like a pistol with a tank. Spraying means from the tank in a pneumatic device is achieved by exposure to air. The main structural elements in airbrush make-up devices are as follows:

  • compressor;
  • spray mechanism with paint pot (airbrush);
  • connecting hose.

Depending on the compressor, the devices are divided into two types: stationary (powered from the electrical network) and battery.

Important! For some network models of foreign production, designed for 110V, it will be necessary to purchase a transformer.

Working with the device requires certain skills. Make-up received wide application from airbrushes professional makeup artistsworking in film and television, beauty salons, in the modeling business, as well as amateur stylists.

 Airbrush artist with airbrush

The benefits of airbrush makeup

Applying cosmetics through an airbrush has several advantages.

  1. When using the device is achieved even distribution of funds thinnest layer with smooth transitions, which is impossible to achieve with a professional brush. With minimal application of the agent, a high efficiency of masking defects in the form of acne, scars, wrinkles, eye bags, etc. is achieved.
  2. When working with a contactless method, the makeup artist achieves the desired quality. much faster. For beauty salons with high customer traffic, the factor of speed of service is important.
  3. Any high-quality cosmetics worth a lot of money. With aeromaking expensive funds are spent more economicallythan when working in traditional ways.
  4. Aero makeup the pores of the skin are less cloggedbecause it is applied with a thin uniform layer.
  5. The quality of cosmetics and their uniform spray provides resistance make-up up to 12-18 hours.
  6. Contactless makeup safe and hygienic, because the tool does not touch the skin.

There are many advantages of the device, but it should be noted that for home use airbrush - expensive pleasure. Also, with the help of it, it is even difficult to apply even a concealer by yourself - a certain skill is required.

Airbrush Cosmetics

For aero makeup, special water-based or silicone-based cosmetics are used, which are purchased in specialized stores.. As noted by professionals in reviews, silicone-based tonal aids have a greater persistence. Special cosmetics sold in sets. Instrument manufacturers include the complete set of cosmetics for the airbrush, which includes:

  • tonal foundations of different shades;
  • rouge;
  • highlighters and bronzers;
  • lipstick;
  • the shadows.

These funds with high fluidity Do not clog the spraying element of the tool.

Important! In the market, Temptu and Kryolan companies are in good demand. They are suitable even for very sensitive skin.

 Cosmetics Temptu

Work with airbrush

The procedure for airbrushing is as follows. In the reservoir of the device for paint it is necessary according to the proportions specified in the instruction to drop the ingredients for mixing: cosmetic and water. Next, smooth circular movements of the solution are sprayed at a distance of 10-15 cm. To cover evenly, the hand with the device must be in constant motion.

Tip! Eyes should be covered in order to avoid paint falling into them, for a similar reason it is recommended to use a cape on clothes and hats on the head.

When applying shadows on the eyelids can use stencils, self-made from paper or from the manufacturer (sold in specialized stores). If you want to apply several layers, you need to take a break to dry each previous layer.

Overview of popular makeup equipment

Model NEO CN for Iwata - A device for airbrushing made in China. Airbrush is produced from quality components under the control of the Japanese company Anest Iwata. The device is equipped with a spraying nozzle of 0.35 mm, which allows you to save cosmetics. A replaceable paint container (1.8, 9 ml) is located on top.

Important! The device is intended for airbrushing with a high and medium degree of detail. It refers to universal application arographs: aero makeup, body art, modeling and so on.

The price of the device without a compressor in the kit is about 5,000 rubles. The compressor for the device costs about 7,000 rubles.

TEMPTU PRO Airbrush Makeup System - portable set for aero make-up from the American TEMPTU brand.Standard equipment includes an airbrush, a battery-operated compressor, a stand, a connecting nylon tube, an A / C adapter. Buy equipment in this configuration can be from 11,000 rubles. In the market you can find a device of this brand with a set of special cosmetics at a cost of 23,000 rubles.

Which brand to choose a machine depends on the purpose of use and the preferences of the makeup artist.

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