Blender This is a device that has found its place in cooking. Its name comes from the English word blend, which means to mix. The device fully justifies its name, as it serves for crushing products, preparing various dishes, mixing cocktails and mousses.

The blender was invented in 1922 by the American Stephen Poplavsky, exactly 25 years later, as a meat grinder was created. The American was mixing fermented grape juice, making cocktails. But he could not even imagine how firmly the blender would go into human life and become one of the most important kitchen appliances.

Blenders are of two types: stationary device and submersible. They differ in design and principle of action. Manufacturers produce blenders with a capacity of 220 to 700 watts, which allows the hostess to grind even very hard products. The device has several speeds, and you can choose the appropriate mode of operation.

Included with the device are nozzles that make it possible not only to mix components,but also grind, whisk, prick ice, grind coffee, cook ground meat and perform many other functions needed in a modern kitchen. And in a family where there are kids, a blender will help feed the children tasty and healthy food.

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