Oven, Mini-oven

The oven (oven) is a closed household appliance that cooks many dishes with hot air. You can get a beautiful fried crust in it without a drop of oil, so this method of cooking is chosen by supporters of a healthy diet. Maximum temperature for cooking in modern ovens 220250 ° C. However, it can be customized thanks to control programs installed in the furnace.

The prototype of the modern oven is all kinds of ovens, known since ancient times: clay, Russian, stone. Devices similar to modern ones appeared in the early 19th century: in 1800, Earl Ruford invented a coal-fired furnace, and in 1825 James Sharp introduced a gas counterpart.

Today, the oven can act as a separate element of household appliances. Independent ovens, working autonomously, can be installed in a place convenient for a person, built-in above kitchen furniture, hidden in a separate cabinet, at any height from the floor.Such ovens are gas or electric.

There are ovens in sizes from 60 to 120 cm. Standard sizes are 60 cm, and the rest are suitable for kitchens of individual design. There are on sale and mini-devices, 45 cm in size, their volume is 2742 liters.

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