Yogurt maker

A yogurt maker is a household appliance that allows you to prepare a fermented milk product using the original method. The world learned about such a device in 1918, when Isaac Carasao, a resident of Spain and the founder of the Danone company, began issuing this surprisingly useful delicacy. Thanks to the development of production, the design of the device has changed somewhat, but the principle of the preparation of the product has not changed.

All modern yogurt makers are of two types and differ in the number of available jars in their composition. These are several small containers up to 250 ml each or one large, designed for 1 l. The principle of operation of the device is very simple: the jars are filled with milk mixture, tightly closed with lids and placed for a certain time in the device, where the desired temperature is maintained.

Yogurt makers are divided into manual and electric. To prepare the yoghurt in a handheld device, the mixture is heated separately, then the jars are placed in a container, where their contents are located until the yoghurt is ready.For an electrical device, the preheating of the mixture is not necessary, since the heating element, powered by electricity, is placed in the housing, which creates the necessary conditions for creating a fermented milk product.

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