Food processor

A food processor is a household appliance that performs a large amount of functions for preparing tasty and healthy dishes. He knows how to mix, grind, chop, chop the necessary ingredients, from which in the future a good housewife will create her culinary delights.

The first food processor was invented and created by Electrolux in 1940. He was able to replace some of the manual processes in the kitchen. The device was far from perfect: an awkward, huge, noisy combine was not at all like today's devices. However, the hostess appreciated the quality of the device and the time savings he gave.

The main indicator of the effectiveness of the combine is its power. The larger it is, the higher the speed and quality of operations performed. Modern combine has several speeds. Low speeds for mixing products, high need for grinding and whipping ingredients. The bowl of the device must match its capacity.The larger the bowl, the greater the power required for processing its contents. Bowls are made of glass, plastic or stainless steel. In addition to the bowl, there is a set of knives and nozzles, which, if necessary, can be supplemented.

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