A microwave oven (microwave oven) is an electrical appliance that will help defrost supplies, reheat and cook food, and even reheat some materials. Quite by chance, the American physicist P. Spencer discovered the effect of the thermal effects of microwaves, which formed the basis of the microwave oven. The invention was patented in 1945, and two years later the first stoves appeared about the size of a person's height and weighing more than 300 kg.

To date, many models of household microwave ovens have been developed, which have firmly entered every house and occupied a certain niche in the kitchen. According to their functions, microwaves come in various forms. Conventional - are used for heating and thawing products; There are appliances with a grill, where there are built-in elements that allow you to cook, for example, grilled chicken. The oven with the convention creates the effect of cooking like an oven, where you can bake pies, simmer vegetables and meat, bake poultry and perform many other procedures.There are multifunctional furnaces, in which, in addition to typical functions, there are many auxiliary modes.

The volume of microwaves 20-42 liters. The stoves have different capacities, types of control and internal coating, as well as additional functions and devices.

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