Ice cream maker

Ice cream maker is a household appliance that allows everyone to make their favorite product, soft ice cream, at home. Today you can find a manual model of a household appliance, as well as an electric and ice cream freezer of a full cycle.


The devices are different in design, but all types of devices give the same amount of homemade ice cream, prepared according to exclusive recipes with natural fillings, of a better quality than the purchased one.

The merit in creating the first ice cream maker belongs to an American woman, Nancy Johnson, who in 1843 patented the invention.


The device contains an internal container where the mixture for ice cream and a whisk is placed, where salt and ice are placed. When you turn on the device, the whisk begins to rotate, which does not allow the water to freeze. By the time, the process of making ice cream in different devices may vary. At the moment when the product freezes to half, it is spread in a plastic vessel and placed in a freezer to bring to readiness.

In popularity, electric models are superior to other types of devices. Their work is due to the presence of an electric motor. But the most comfortable full-cycle ice cream makers combining two technological processes. A manual ice cream machine contains a special handle, which conducts the mixing of the mass.


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