The freezer is a household or professional unit for freezing foodstuffs with a view to their long-term storage. The appearance of refrigerators and freezers is due to the German scientist Carl von Linde, who invented the refrigerating machine in 1874. Modern household freezers are available in two types: horizontal placement (chest) or vertical in the form of a cabinet. The working mode of storage in household freezers varies in the minus range of 18-24 degrees.

The freezer chest inside is equipped with lattice baskets for product placement. In comparison with a freezer of similar dimensions, a chest has a large useful volume, it is possible to store large pieces of meat in it. However, placing products in the chest, as well as removing the desired freezing is not as convenient as when using the cabinet. Vertical view cameras are divided into 2-4 compartments with convenient plastic containers for storing freezing.Products with a specific smell, fish, for example, can be stored in a separate box.

The assortment of household freezers includes models that differ in overall dimensions, working volume, power and energy consumption class, as well as the presence of additional useful functionality, such as an automatic defrosting system or an ice generator, for example. Advanced models are equipped with an electronic control system.

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