Meat grinder

The first mechanical screw grinder appeared in the middle of the XIX century. Its design was proposed independently by the German Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Dres von Sauerbron and Austrian Peter Mitterhofer. Today, the electric meat grinder ousted from the use of modern kitchens a mechanical analogue, the purpose of which is clear from the name. The electric appliance, by virtue of its greater power in comparison with the physical efforts of a person, in a few minutes can turn a few kilograms of meat into mincemeat. The hostesses appreciated the possibilities of the meat grinder to chop soft vegetables and fruits quickly and in large quantities.

The device of the chopping mechanism of the electric apparatus is not fundamentally different from a mechanical meat grinder: a screw shaft rotating inside a chamber with a ribbed surface, a grill, a knife and a screw cap. In the household, inexpensive version of the apparatus, it is required to lay the pieces of meat in a special compartment, and to adapt any container for the stuffing coming out of the grill.More advanced models can be equipped with additional equipment for the automatic supply of raw materials and the collection of minced meat. The whole process is controlled by electronics. As a rule, these devices are intended for the needs of cafes and restaurants.

Manufacturers offer two types of meat grinders: table and floor placement. Household machines belong to the desktop type. Semi-automatic and automatic devices for professional use can be both desktop and outdoor type.

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