Choosing a good grinder for home use

Before you choose an electric meat grinder for the house, you should decide what function it will perform. Modern electric meat grinders for home use are very versatile and are designed to bring comfort and convenience to a person’s life. Technical equipment is a very important aspect, the characteristics determine the performance of the device, indicate the duration of continuous operation and ease of operation.

 Electric meat grinder for home

Engine power factor

Instrument power is measured in watts (watts), the value varies in the range from 200 watts to 1.6 kW. Conventionally, all types of meat grinders are divided by power / performance ratio:

  • meat grinders of low power up to 500 W process up to 2 kg / min;
  • medium models with a capacity of up to 1 kW process about 2-3 kg / min, including cartilage and hard, stringy meat;
  • powerful electric grinders from 1 kW to 1.6 kW can grind 5-7 kg of meat / min, including hard, stringy meat and cartilage.

Advice to buyers: always pay attention to the duration of the selected model. Good meat grinders are able to process ingredients for 5 minutes or more, during this time you can process from 5 to 35 kg of meat, depending on the model. Modifications with a lower score are suitable for rare home use.

Electric meat grinder small power more than enough for the infrequent use and grinding of a small amount of meat. Models of 200-300 W, in most cases, will require careful preparation of products: removal of all bones and cartilage, cutting of meat in small pieces of equal size.

Also, devices of this class are suitable for grinding / grinding fruit and vegetables to a puree-like consistency.

 Chopping vegetables with a meat grinder

350-500 W meat grinders are less whimsical to raw materials, but they are not intended for processing solid ingredients.

Medium Power Meat Grinder They will cope with large volumes of work, for example, when it is necessary to grind 10-15-20 kg of meat at a time. Engine power will be enough to evenly grind bones, cartilage, as well as other ingredients: nuts, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, hard dough.

Powerful Meat Grinders unsuitable in living conditions. Any manufacturer will advise the use of devices of this class in small farms, in small production shops, in canteens or cafes.

Household appliance design

The first thing to pay attention to grinder height. Small models will not allow you to install a container for collecting minced meat with high walls, which will become critical when processing large volumes of meat. The second important point is number of work speeds. Different types of meat can vary significantly in hardness, not to mention soft fruits. Adjusting the speed will allow better processing of products.

 Storage compartment

Conveniently, when the grinder has a compartment for storing interchangeable nozzles, knives and power cord. A small constructive solution will greatly simplify the storage of the appliance.

Not all manufacturers are allowed to wash the working parts of the electric grinder. in the dishwasher. If such a nuance as simple and easy care is important, it is better to choose a model where there are no restrictions.

Functions grinder

To figure out how to choose an electric meat grinder for the house, you need to familiarize yourself with the available options. Processing of all types of meat is the main, but far from the only task that this device can handle..

By installing replaceable nozzles, the grinder can be used for different purposes.

  • processing of fruits and vegetables (milling, shredding);
  • squeezing juice;
  • cooking sausages, sausages;
  • cooking kebbe (meat or dough in the form of a tube with a cavity inside that is filled with filling);
  • cooking pasta and noodles, the formation of cookies from the dough.

 Cookies through the meat grinder

It should be borne in mind that this is exactly additional features device. The screw juice extractor in the meat grinder has a lower productivity than the free-standing one; during the formation of the cookies, you will have to accept that there will be too much dough waste. But the production of pasta is similar to the work of pasta machines and has a more or less decent performance.

It is important to know: the proper use of additional functions requires appropriate replacement nozzles.

For convenience and safety, you should pay attention to technical options meat grinders:

  • reverse - the movement of the screw in the opposite direction, is used when jamming the meat grinder from excess ingredients;
  • automatic stop when overloaded - protects the motor from overheating;
  • emergency stop of the engine in contact with solid particles.

Accessories and replaceable nozzles

Replaceable knives and nozzles are used to process various ingredients. The complete set of various electromeat grinders includes only several accessories. On the manufacturer's website or in a specialized store, you can always find more.

 Meat grinder with nozzles

In order to improve usability, it is better to opt for self-sharpening knives stainless steel, but for modern devices it is not uncommon. The knives themselves differ in the shape of the blades, the basic set, as a rule, contains one or two universal knives and one or two gratings for minced meat.

When buying, you should check all replaceable elements: the presence of burrs and deformation is unacceptable.

When choosing a suitable model (including with the function of a juicer), you should pay attention to the screw itself - they are plastic, metal or ceramic. All options are safe for food and do not transmit a specific smell, but plastic is less reliable and most often prone to breakage. Replaceable auger will have to be purchased separately, the part is not subject to warranty replacement.

Food tray made of metal or plastic. Metal, of course, more durable, easy to clean and not subject to mechanical damage. Plastic is cheaper, but it is easy to scratch, in addition, the light tray will inevitably be stained with meat, fruit and vegetable juice, which will spoil the appearance.

 Food tray

Useful tips on choosing a meat grinder

Buying new equipment for the home is often a difficult task, and meat grinders are no exception. A good choice is not only the optimal combination of the main technical characteristics, attention should be paid to the little things.

  1. Noise level - The indicator directly affects the usability. When buying a device in a store, the meat grinder can be checked at idle, with a load, the device will work louder.When it is not possible to test, you can refer to the instructions and familiarize yourself with the characteristics (for comparison: 80 dB is approximately equal to the roar of the motorcycle motor at peak speeds, the optimal value is 50-70 dB).
  2. According to the rules of operation, the meat grinder should confidently stand on the plane, any distortions of the body are an obvious defect of production. Even better if the bottom is rubber feet suckers.
  3. You should not choose a multifunctional model if most of its options will not be used. Before you buy a meat grinder, you should clearly understand why you need a device.
  4. Replaceable nozzles increase the final cost of the grinder, in order to save, you can choose a model with a small bundle and purchase attachments later, but they will cost more.
  5. Desirable for making sausages or sausages low engine speed: a thick and sticky mixture practically does not move at high speed. For regular cooking sausages, many users will advise to choose a meat grinder with two speeds. It is worth considering that such equipment increases the cost.

User tips will help you navigate among the variety of different models and tell you how to choose the right grinder. No less important is the question of which firm is better to buy.There is no clear answer here, the main thing is acceptable quality of the assembly and accessories, availability of replaceable attachments for sale, availability of service in the city.

Review of the most rated models

It should be noted that the cost does not always determine the power and performance of the grinder for the house. According to the owners of different models, not every meat grinder has a good design and a competent combination of technical characteristics. The review presents only the best models included in the TOP-10 rating.

Caso FW 2000

Powerful and productive meat grinder for cooking minced meat and minced meat. The body, all internal elements and parts are made of metal, with the exception of the safety gear, which is always made of plastic. Externally, the device produces only positive impressions: a stylish, concise design, streamlined shape, comfortable design. In the lower part there are legs-suckers and a place to store the cord.

The nominal power of the meat grinder is 800 W, the maximum power is 2 kW (after exceeding the protective shutdown of the engine is triggered). The manufacturer provides 3 operating modes:

  • reverse - reverse auger;
  • 1 screw rotation speed;
  • 2 screw rotation speed.

Duration of work - 5 minutes, after which you need a break of 10 minutes. Not the biggest indicator, but, given the performance of the meat grinder to 2.3 kg of meat / minute, 5 minutes is enough to produce almost 12 kg of minced meat.

 Caso FW 2000

In the configuration there are 3 perforated nozzles for chopping products in stuffing with holes 3/5/8 mm; 2 nozzles for cooking sausages, sausages or wieners; nozzle for the formation of cookies; nozzle for kebbe; self-sharpening knife. All parts of the grinder are allowed to wash in the dishwasher.

Conclusion: a durable and high-quality premium meat grinder for use at home.

Extensive processing options ingredients, good equipment, excellent quality interchangeable nozzles. The disadvantage is increased noisewhich is not uncommon for devices of this class, but a minus for premium products.

Philips HR2713 / 30

The meat grinder of an average price category is intended for processing of different varieties of meat, cutting vegetables and fruits. Working power - 450 W, performance - 4.5 kg / min. Model HR2713 / 30 - the best combination of price and quality. Included with the meat grinder is a disc for minced meat, a nozzle for shredding, a nozzle for making sausages or sausages, a nozzle for kebbe.

The body and the feeding tray are made of durable plastic, all parts of the meat grinder are allowed to wash in the dishwasher. Pleasantly pleased with self-sharpening knives. Reviews of the grinder are only positive, users note a good build quality and full compliance with the stated parameters.

Conclusion: this meat grinder is the optimal choice for a wide range of customers.

The universal device will cope with the preparation of minced meat, sausages, pate, vegetable or fruit puree, mashing or chopping vegetables for frying, salad. The obvious minus - lack of reverse.

 Philips HR2713 / 30

Moulinex ME 4581

Moulinex electric meat grinder impresses with its functionality and technical equipment. In a complete set with the meat grinder there is a whole set of nozzles:

  • perforated stuffing nozzle;
  • grater-nozzle;
  • shredder;
  • nozzle for making wieners, sausages or sausages;
  • nozzle for kebbe;
  • nozzle-kubikorezka.

The manufacturer indicates only the maximum capacity of the grinder - 1.6 kW, but you should not orient on this value. Peak power - This is the ultimate load, after which the emergency stop of the engine will work.If we take into account the performance of 2 kg / min, we can assume that the operating power consumption is approximately equal to 600 W - 800 W.

The body and the tray are made of good quality plastic, and even a large container for the assembly of minced meat will easily fit under a high, but compact meat grinder.

 Moulinex ME 4581

Conclusion: a multifunctional and compact meat grinder will be used often and intensively.

Estimating objectively - the device is partially will replace the food processor. The capacity is quite enough for the processing of soft fruit or stringy beef. Noteworthy European assembly factory in France. Cons - the lack of reverse.

Marta MT-2084

When choosing inexpensive meat grinder It is worth paying attention to the rating model MT-2084 from Marta. The electric meat grinder is made in a plastic case, the maximum time of continuous operation is 5 minutes, the maximum power is 2 kW. The manufacturer did not indicate the working (nominal) power, but, given the performance, it varies between 700-800 watts.

As with other Marta appliances, the meat grinder has quite good functionality:

  • motor overheating protection;
  • reverse;
  • 2 nozzles, graters;
  • 2 discs for minced meat with holes of 5 mm and 7 mm.

This meat grinder differs in acceptable quality of production at the minimum cost. Users tagged low noise during operation, reliable and stable operation of the engine.

 Marta MT-2084

Conclusion: an excellent economy option for processing meat and vegetables.

Good power reserve. The purchased meat grinder will obviously cope with its main task, the quality of components and accessories is at its best. Cons users are not identified.

Sinbo SNB-3109

Budget version of the meat grinder with juicer function from a little-known manufacturer. The package bundle is quite wide:

  • 3 perforated stuffing nozzles;
  • nozzle for kebbe;
  • nozzle for cooking sausages, wieners or homemade sausage;
  • noodle for meatballs;
  • a device for making sudzhuk;
  • squeezing nozzle for juice.

The maximum power of the meat grinder is 2 kW, the nominal value is approximately 800 W. To protect the motor implemented lock function when overloaded. Productivity is about 2 kg of meat / min. The design is somewhat dimensional, but with simple and intuitive control. The body, tray, pusher are made of plastic. A nice bonus was the reverse, which is not found in every more expensive meat grinder.

Conclusion: a great choice when there is a desire to save.

Plastic parts are perfectly washed in the dishwasher. The stock of power is enough for processing different types of meat. A successful model for a quite adequate price, which is often advised by the owners of this kitchen device. Minuses: big sizes.


Choosing the right model of grinder will take a minimum of time, if you understand the technical features and understand what the result is needed. Modern meat grinders are capable of processing meat into mincemeat, making pate, squeezing juice, cooking homemade sausages and sausages, rubbing or chopping vegetables, shaping cookies, making noodles, pasta and much more. Many models will easily replace several household appliances, freeing up not only time but also space in the kitchen.

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