Two in one: grinder with juicer function

Household appliances are becoming more and more, and each housewife somehow raises the question of saving space in the kitchen. For example, a meat grinder and a juicer are two necessary units that take up quite a lot of usable space when it comes to full-featured electrical models. Modern manufacturers understand the needs of customers and go to meet them: today you can purchase a universal device that combines the possibilities of cutting meat and juice squeezing. Consider its functionality in more detail.

Benefits of using

Not everyone can boast of a large work area where you can install all the devices. Sometimes a problem solves availability of food processorbut, as experience shows, many functions remain unclaimed.The presence of a set of nozzles and options for assembling the design leads to the fact that the device becomes the subject of the interior or is in the closet until “better times”.

 Multifunctional grinder

Ideal to select the necessary equipment to perform familiar operations.

The meat grinder has been helping to process meat for many decades. This is a reliable assistant in the preparation of minced meat. But manufacturers were quick to please consumers with a pleasant 2 in 1 bonus, combining it with a juicer. Besides, this much cheaper, than to purchase devices separately. According to the principle of operation, the meat grinder is similar to a device for squeezing juice from soft vegetables and fruits. Such a combination of functions saves space in the kitchen and, at the same time, these two devices are always in demand.

Varieties of devices

Enjoys great popularity electric grinder with tomato juicer. Preparation of minced meat and tomato juice are the most popular operations for which this device is purchased. There are many varieties of meat grinders, juicers for tomato and other fruits that differ in design and principle of operation.

The best tomato juice allows you to get manual or electric auger meat grinder. Minced meat turns out high-quality with a good structure, and using a special nozzle, it is easy to separate the juice of tomatoes and cake. In models with centrifuge less squeezed juice, the grid quickly clogged, and vegetable seeds fall into the juice. The stuffing in this meat grinder is crushed and the consistency is more like pasta.

Such a structure of processed meat is not acceptable for everyone, but the device is just perfect for making juice with pulp or fruit puree.

Electric meat grinder 2 in 1 is characterized by the presence of an electric drive that rotates the internal working units. It should be borne in mind that when processing a large volume of production, it is necessary to pause between cycles to prevent overheating of the motor. In normal home conditions, to meet daily needs, this moment will not play a big role. This factor is especially important when preparing products for stock in the form of conservation. It is for this reason that many prefer the proven manual model. In addition, such a device will be much cheaper.

 Juicer attachment for meat grinder

Juicer attachment for meat grinder Moulinex and Tefal SS-192662

Criteria for selecting a universal household appliance

In order to determine the best model that would meet all the requirements and demands, it is necessary to determine the underlying factors before the acquisition. The most popular brands that have won the trust of Russian consumers: Zelmer, Philips, Kenwood and Moulinex. The initial parameters that determine the efficiency of operation of the meat grinder with a built-in juicer function are as follows.

  1. Operating principle: screw or centrifugal. The key point is the required consistency of the processed products. This factor depends on the category of dishes for which preparations will be made.
  2. Power and performance. This criterion applies to electrical models and depends on frequent use and volume of work. The more powerful the device, the faster the processing process. Using a nozzle for making puree of hard vegetables or fruits, power plays a fundamental role, as they are more difficult to process than soft foods.
  3. Quality of construction. Rotational elements, of course, are made of metal in all models of the meat grinder, but the body, nozzles and other parts may have a combination of material.If the model is predominantly made of plastic, this will greatly facilitate the weight of the device, but it is unlikely to have a positive effect on quality - the probability of cracks is higher, which cannot be said about metal. Given the regular presence of moisture in the operation of technology, it is important that the components are made of stainless steel, which will avoid corrosion and prolong service life.
  4. Security. In the meat grinder 2 things are important: safety for the user and for the device itself. To a greater extent this concerns an electrical appliance. First, the neck for submitting products for processing must be long and narrow to eliminate the possibility of injury to the fingers. Secondly, it is desirable to have an automatic relay that will not start the meat grinder to work in the event of its long-term operation, which will exclude engine overheating and damage to the device.
  5. Completeness. Built-in functions in the grinder must be equipped with appropriate nozzles. So, additional components can be for cutlets and sausages, processing of tomatoes. There are special nozzles that allow to obtain a certain form of dough for pasta, noodles and cookies.The presence of additional functions in one device lead to its rise in price. When choosing a model, it is better to focus on those operations that will be performed in order not to overpay for the device.
 Meat grinder ZELMER

ZELMER ZMM1208SUA meat grinder

The purchase of a meat grinder with a juicer will be justified if, when choosing, to observe important parameters that can ensure the expected result. Projected volumes of product processing, its types, frequency of operation and financial capabilities are fundamental factors in choosing the type of instrument. The equipment advantageously combines the combination of the operations of the cooking process and will be a good helper for any housewife.

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