How to sharpen a knife for a meat grinder

In almost every home there is an electric assistant who quickly grinds meat for mincemeat of any consistency, helps to squeeze juice, prepare original cookies or homemade noodles, pasta, and some craftsmen make meat delicacies. During operation, there comes a time when the question arises, how to sharpen a knife for a meat grinder? What you need to do - we will tell in our article.

 Knife and grinder grinder

When need sharpening

Today, buying new knives for manual or electric meat grinders is not a problem, but why spend money when you can easily sharpen them. As a rule, users are faced with the problem of blunting a knife directly in the process of cooking stuffing: just that everything was normal, and suddenly the technique crushes meat, the process is out of control.

If the knife is blunt, do not be upset - you can fix it in half an hour. It is only necessary to find a grinding stone or emery cloth and independently proceed with the grinding of knives on the recommendations that we will provide you.

Remember! An excellent ground cutting tool saves the time of using the device, if it is of manual type, then your strength, and if electric, energy consumption.

Before you start sharpening the knives for the meat grinder, you need to figure out why they are getting blunt, because the manufacturers claim that during rotation they self-sharpen about the metal of the grill. Meat is a soft substance, but it often comes across small cartilages and durable veins, which contribute to the gradual rounding of the cutting edge, and it becomes dull. The product begins to chew the product, and over time, and completely ceases to process it. Therefore, at the first signs of incorrect operation of the cutting tool, stop work, proceed to the dismantling and subsequent sharpening of the knives.

 Types of knives

Rotating parts of different models differ in appearance, but they work exactly the same.

Rules of performance

Before you grind the knives for the meat grinder at home, you need to study their working principle, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve a positive result. Moving cutting tool always works. paired with fixed grille, which has holes all over the plane, and you need to sharpen them together. This part rotates with the screw and the four blades begins to grind the product, which penetrates through the holes under pressure. In this way, a grinding difference is achieved, since several gratings are used: with small or larger perforations.

During sharpening, you need to pay attention to each edge of the blades, so that they have a sharp edge of the cutting edge.

First you need to prepare all the necessary materials in order to carry out the entire process with high quality and follow the basic rules.

  1. Check the surface on which you will sharpen the knives with thick metal ruler - Attach and make sure that there is no clearance. Put a paper or a circle on the table, fix it tightly. Under the sandpaper is better to put a piece of plexiglass for better horizontal position.
  2. Lubricate the blades and the polished surface of the grill first. sunflower oil and leave for a few minutes. The surfaces on which the sharpening will be performed should also be lubricated for better contact and the formation of a kind of abrasive paste that protects the knives from minor scratches. When sharpening on a special water grinding wheel, moisten it with water, not oil.
  3. To treat the entire surface evenly, use wood clamp. It is necessary to press in the center of a knife or a lattice, to make circular motions evenly, with little effort when pressing on a tree.
  4. After sharpening a four-blade knife, it is necessary to sharpen the grate, the edges of its perforations also wear out during work.

That's all the recommendations on how to sharpen a knife and grinder at home. In the instructions for each model, different manufacturers call them moving or stationary cutting tools.

 Knives and netting

Sharpening methods

In this section, we will describe how to sharpen a knife for a meat grinder with the help of the simplest tools with your own hands.

Abrasive stone

For proper sharpening, it is better to purchase a grinding corundum stone with a diameter of 180 mm and a grain size of 40-60 microns. Then put it on a flat surface, pour water from the tap or wet it constantly, because the whole process should be carried out with its participation so that the metal is constantly cooled.

 Sharpening abrasive stone

So that the stone does not move on the table, under it enclose dense matter. Take a knife and start doing rotational movements clockwise. For better contact, use a clamp from a piece of wood, pressure should be applied to the center of the knife, and the grinding wheel can be fixed with your free hand.

Important! The oxidation film should be removed evenly across the entire plane of the cutting tool, watch carefully that there is no slant, the quality depends on it.

After the knife, do not forget to sharpen the grille, performing similar actions and checking the process visually. If the surface being sharpened is smooth and shiny, everything is done correctly. Then you need to check the fit of these parts, because they work in close contact, and the gap between them should not be.

 Fitted knife and mesh

Now it is possible to assemble the meat grinder and check the work of the ground parts in real living conditions.


This is the most convenient way to sharpen knives, but it is not suitable for everyone: if you do not have the skill to work with such a device, then only perform manual sharpening.How on such a machine to sharpen a knife for a meat grinder? Use the side smooth surface of the grinding wheel, which is pre-applied special paste with fine abrasive, after its drying everything is ready to work. Press the Start button and carefully press the part to the side surface. During sharpening, it is necessary to visually check the quality, giving the metal time to cool down, so that in no case should it be burned to the color of tinge - the characteristic color of the overheated metal surface.

We perform the same actions with the grid, only it is better to use it. wooden clampso as not to injure your fingers. The technique is identical to sharpening a four-bladed knife.

This option has negative sides:

  • such sharpening can be done only by experienced home craftsmen who have solid experience;
  • a newcomer will surely spoil such important details;
  • household grinding machine - it is an expensive pleasure, if only you did not make it from improvised means.
  •  Household grinding machine

    Emery cloth

    This is a fairly simple option, available to all users, because sandpaper is in almost every home, in a department store boutique it is not a problem to buy it - it is much cheaper than an abrasive wheel, not to mention a machine tool.

    Tip! Do not use a very large abrasive cloth so that no scratches form on the surface of the knife.

    On the surface of the kitchen table, place a thick sheet of glass, ordinary or organic, so that it does not burst from the effort. Grease the back of the paper for safety. glue stickso that it does not move on the glass. If there are burrs and chips on the knife, then you should carefully handle them with a small file, being careful. Then put the knife on the emery sheet, and with a circular motion to grind to a uniform gloss over the entire surface. Similar actions to perform with the grid and be sure to check the gap between them, which should not be.

     Grinding on emery cloth

    To help those uncertain in their actions, we attach a video, which shows in detail how to properly sharpen knives for your meat grinder:

    For those who want a unique accuracy and correctness of sharpening, we offer a rather original way, which was invented by one home master:

    Successful to you experiments.

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