What is the meat grinder

The meat grinder is a mechanical household appliance made from metal or its alloys for the processing of various food products. The manual version has long been outdated and modern and powerful electric models have replaced it. The device of the meat grinder of a new type and the principle of its operation - this is the topic that we will reveal in this article.

 Meat grinder


Before thoroughly understanding the device of the electric meat grinder, let us list its advantages over other household appliances, in particular, its mechanical ancestor.

  1. The electric meat grinder is more powerful than any combine in a similar mode, not to mention the muscular strength of an ordinary person.
  2. The electric meat grinder will grind any product faster than a person does on the manual version of the product - it saves time and effort.
  3. Electrical device copes with wiry meat - there is no need to constantly unwind the product, clean the knife and re-assemble.
  4. An electric motor grinder can work on any flat surface without attachment.
  5. Job safety with them it is provided with a narrower neck with a sufficient length so that the fingers cannot reach the auger. The kit includes a special plastic pusher.



Modern electric meat grinder is equipped with the following main parts and components:


  1. a durable plastic device to push products inside the device;
  2. tray or bowl;
  3. metal alloy grinder body;
  4. motor drive;
  5. gearbox;
  6. the main body of the plastic product;
  7. Electrical engine;
  8. rubber legs to prevent slipping on the table during operation;
  9. LED indicating that the meat grinder is on;
  10. reverse;
  11. emergency stop button;
  12. start;
  13. heated air outlet grille;
  14. clamping unit;
  15. retainer;
  16. power cable entry;
  17. grounding clamp.

The schematic diagram of the meat grinder, shown in the figure, is arbitrary - the device of different models of grinder has its own nuances, but the main components are the same for all.

The body of the meat receiver, where the processing of products takes place, consists of similar parts as the manual version:

  • metal case;
  • receiver and tray or bowl;
  • screw shaft;
  • knife;
  • lattice;
  • lock nut.

 Meat box

Depending on the model, the main parts can be attached:

  • lattices with various diameter openings;
  • additional knives;
  • original nozzles or graters for processing vegetables and fruits;
  • devices for forming dough;
  • conical nozzle for making homemade sausages, sausages and wieners.

All of the above details are the working bodies of the meat grinder. To make the housewives visually familiar with the package bundle and the purpose of various accessories, there is a video on the example of the Belarusian electric meat grinder KEM 36 "Assistant":

Main details

The working bodies of the modern meat grinder have a different purpose.We have already described in detail what the electrical product consists of, and now we’ll tell you about the functional features of all the components.

Electrical engine

This is the heart of the product, the quality of the processing of products depends on its proper operation, it drives the mincer auger. On some models there are several speeds, but we will tell you about the options that all products have.

  1. Autoreverse - thanks to this function, users do not have problems when the wires are wound on the screw and interfere with normal operation. It is enough to press the key and the motor, rotating in the opposite direction, will return the stuck parts of the product to the tray.
  2. To protect the engine from possible overload emergency stop buttonwhich blocks the supply of current, the motor stops.

 Gearbox and engine


This is the main part of the grinder, which ensures the passage of products inside the product to the very exit. Make the screw of durable metal or its alloys, it has the appearance spirals with powerful pushers, which, while advancing, cut off the excess or grind them when they fall between the end of the rigid ribs and the device body.


From the back side, a special bushing is put on the screw shaft that prevents liquid formations from seeping into the connection with the gearbox.

Cutting part

The knife performs its inherent functions - cutting and grinding products before passing them through special steel devices. All models of modern household appliances of this class are equipped stainless steel forged knives, as they always work in an environment where there is a presence of liquid.

In the process of work during the fast rotation, they self-sharpen about the steel of the lattice, but sometimes they need to be separately sharpened on the sandpaper to give the edge a special sharpness - the thinner the cutting edge, the better the processing of products occurs.

 Knife Meat Grinder Knife Special machine for meat grinder

Chopping and cutting depends on the structure of the knife and its shape - if its blade is curved, then it easily cuts all small veins and fibers, preventing the auger from clogging.


They are made in the form perforated steel discs and have three main types, depending on the diameter of the holes:

  • small: 3.0-3.5 mm;
  • average: 4.5-5.0 mm;
  • large: 8-9 mm.

 Grille for meat grinder

With the help of these devices get minced meat of various consistencies from coarse to very fine grinding:the first option is well prepared mass of nuts, and the third - juicy stuffing for homemade pasties with greens.


The knurled nut, which firmly fixes the fixed grid and the rotating knife adjacent to it, completes the design; in addition, it fixes all attachments for various purposes.

In the process, this clamp is often self-contracted due to the rapid rotation of the internal parts, therefore, speed models have a special device that facilitates loosening the nut. In models with a standard speed, this device can be easily unscrewed with the help of a matter draped over it - it eliminates the slippage of the hand on a wet surface.



This equally important component of any model joins the upper part of the bell of the mechanical part of the meat grinder and serves to place products for processing on it. Made from a very durable plasticits size depends on the power and performance of the product.

For elite models, trays are made of stainless metal, as well as the main body of the product.



Many models of grinders are equipped with additional nozzles and devices,that help to squeeze juice, shred vegetables, make homemade pasta, the original form of shortbread dough biscuits or meat delicacies in the form of sausages or sausages.

For squeezing juice

Virtually any model of modern electric meat grinder is equipped with devices for the production of juice, the only difference is in their location:

  • the auger squeezes the juice along with the pulp through grille with large holes;
  • the screw rotates inside cylindrical graters, and practically all vegetable or fruit is ground into juice.


 Juice Mincer

For shredding

The meat grinder can replace a food processor, which is good to use for cutting vegetable salads when you are waiting for guests, while a lot of the product stays inside the product. When it is necessary to prepare the same, but in smaller quantities, the electrical assistant will deal with it.

There are special nozzles for shredding, you can quickly and efficiently prepare vegetables for the salad for the whole family, while saving time and effort.

 For shredder mincing machine

For sausages

What kind of man would refuse homemade aromatic sausage with pepper and finely chopped lard? You do not need to go to the market or run to the nearest supermarket - do everything at home with your own hands using a special nozzle, by the way, my husband will be happy to help you.

 Meat grinder for making sausages

For cookies

Homemade biscuits of various shapes can be made with an electric meat grinder; there are special tools for this, and every experienced housewife has a recipe for the dough. Please the whole family, guests of the original form with fragrant pastries, which you cannot buy in the store.

 Cookies through the meat grinder

Operating rules

Before you start processing meat or another product, you must cut it into piecesso that they freely pass through the cylindrical part of the receiver. The pusher is used just to push the products to the auger, which pushes it towards the cutting tool.

Attention! It is necessary to cut large veins from meat, thus, you protect the electric motor of the meat grinder from excessive load, and the knife - fast blunting.

Any meat grinder auger has special ribs that guide the product to the exit, grinding it during the promotion. This process, like the action of a knife, takes place continuously: new portions, placed in the meat receiver, squeeze the already milled product through the grate into a container, which is substituted to the throat. With the help of electric models it is easy to make tender pastes: grinding is done several times, passing the finished product through smaller grids and adding the necessary ingredients.

 Grilled pate

For the work of the meat grinder to be of high quality, and the product to function as long as possible, it is necessary to strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and simple operating rules.

  1. Carefully check the meat when cutting it into portions for laying in the receiver, if you get a small bone, it will cause the knife to break.
  2. The knife in the product must always be sharp - this contributes to the rapid processing of any product.
  3. Immediately after use, the product must be disassembled, rinsed all parts well, and after drying, folded into a storage box.
  4. Before assembling the shaft, knife and grill from the side of the knife, experts advise wipe with sunflower oil - it will provide the best passage of products inside the meat grinder and high-quality work of rubbing parts.

Never store the body of the product, where the main grinding occurs, in the collection, remember that in the free state all parts oxidize less, and their assembly does not take much time.

As you can see, the device of the electric meat grinder, the principle of its operation is extremely simple, but it has many advantages, because with the help of simple attachments you can cook original homemade delicacies,fragrant dough products and many other delicious dishes.

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