Rules and instructions for using the double boiler

Arriving home with the desired equipment in their hands, most buyers immediately rush to master it, not caring at all about reading the instructions. As a result, this attitude leads to disruption of the household appliance and a decrease in its service life. In order not to encounter similar cases in the future, you should know how to properly use a steamer.

Remember! Even an easy-to-use device can harm your health if used improperly. For example, if you handle the steamer incorrectly, you can get a thermal burn.

Device installation

Each steam cooker has its own instructions that will help avoid unpleasant injuries and teach you how to handle the appliance properly. Particular attention should be paid to the installation, since its performance will depend on this aspect:

  1. You can install the equipment only on a flat and hard surface.
  2. Do not place the appliance near the stove, on the stove or near the sink. Heat, as well as moisture, can harm the structure.
  3. Pay special attention to the location of the cord. Secure it so that you do not accidentally touch it.
  4. Never switch on the appliance without water. Of course, especially fancy models are equipped with a blocking function, but a simple model, for example, Elenberg BV-6175, will simply burn out and become unusable.
  5. Do not place the device on the edge, as you risk accidentally touching it.
  6. Do not install a double boiler close to a wall or kitchen cabinets, as this may interfere with the operation of the appliance itself and damage the kitchen furniture.

 Steamer in the kitchen

To avoid injury, do not touch the steam cooker before it is finished. Be careful when removing the cover, as a strong steam flow can damage your skin.

General recommendations for working with a double boiler

To properly assemble and prepare a double boiler for work, you do not need to revise the video instructions or read the long rules of the Talmud.This process is not complicated and takes a minimum of time. It is enough to follow several recommendations:

  1. Take clean water and pour it into a special compartment. It is recommended to use only purified water, as it does not contain impurities, and therefore will not spoil your equipment.
  2. In order to properly fill the water, it is necessary to be guided by the mark on the pallet. Make sure that the water hides the lower mark, but does not overflow the upper one. Some models are equipped with the function of topping up the water, but the old steam cookers from the Elenberg BV series do not have this option. You will have to remember that the maximum fill is enough for about 40-45 minutes of work.
  3. Now install the tray to collect excess moisture. A kind of life hack will put fragrant herbs or fragrant spices in it, which will give the dish a pleasant aroma.
  4. After the lower part of the device is assembled, you can lay the food, set the cooking time and turn on the steamer.
  5. After the dish is ready, the technician will notify you with a beep.

Many modern appliances can store heat in tanks. up to 20 minutes. But do not abuse it, because a fresh dish is always tastier.

Secrets of cooking

Any hostess knows that the technology of cooking various dishes can be very different. To understand how to cook this or that recipe, it is worth considering product features:

  1. In order for steamed meat or poultry to be as tasty as possible, you should wrap them in foil: all the juice will remain inside the dish.
  2. The same applies to fish dishes. The foil will keep the delicate aroma and taste of the dish, and the added spices will make it spicy and rich.
  3. Well done in a double boiler omelet. He comes out of her airy and gentle. Add the sausage and vegetables, and enjoy the excellent taste. For its preparation is used a cup for rice.
  4. Do not forget about cereals. Cooked in a double boiler, they are not only healthy, but also tasty.
  5. Do not forget that you can cook in a double boiler and vegetables. All useful substances are stored in them. You can boil the vegetables for a salad or cook them in a separate dish.
  6. Do not deny yourself cooking curd dishes. Steamed, they retain all the beneficial properties,and also will get amazing taste. You can experiment with dishes such as casserole, dumplings or cheesecake.
  7. You can also indulge yourself with delicious desserts from time to time.
  8. The same applies to the flour dishes, a double boiler will help you in this matter.
  9. You can also try to bake a biscuit or cake, just do not forget to wrap the baking with foil so that it does not get too much moisture.

When using a double boiler for baking cakes, be careful. It is better to abandon the juicy fillings and choose something thick and with a hard texture. For example, pies with meat or cabbage.


Not that the double boiler is not perfect, rather, the peculiarities of its work do not allow to cook some products of high quality. If you are used to cooking everything for a couple, then you should know that:

  1. Cook the pasta in a double boiler will not work. To be precise, you will get stuck together a mass that is impossible to eat.
  2. It is not necessary to boil mushrooms in a double boiler, because even the most modern system with water topping and the ability to salt the product will not give you the desired effect. You only spoil the mushrooms: they get tough and tasteless.
  3. It is not recommended to cook bean products that simply can not boil properly in a double boiler.

 Mushrooms in a double boiler

Desirable do not salt food in the process of cooking. If you do not understand how to cook products without salt, then count on the fact that you can still not dosolit product. This is due to the fact that in the process of condensation the salt will evaporate from the dishes.

Features and recommendations

In order for your technique to be used as efficiently as possible, you should consider several subtleties in circulation. Especially it concerns multi-level steam cookerswhere it is important to consider the compatibility of products:

  1. If you are cooking vegetables and meat at the same time, then the vegetables should be placed in the upper compartment, and the meat - in the lower one.
  2. If your levels are not equipped with condensate trays, then it should be noted that the juice from the upper tier will drain to the lower one, which will lead to mixing tastes.
  3. It is necessary to keep track of time, as the products placed on the lower level will be prepared faster.
  4. The time it takes to prepare a product can vary greatly, so you should watch out for it carefully.
  5. The peculiarity of cooking products in a double boiler is that they do not have to interfere or turn over.
  6. Another important point is that steamed products do not burn.

If you like to add seasonings to the dishes, you should use spice pockets to preserve their taste and richness.

Features of Zepter tableware

The company (Zepter) Zepter developed its dishes with the expectation of consumers who are interested in healthy food. Even the material for their products, they chose a special, high-quality. Why is this dish so famous?

  1. The Zepter system is designed for complete cooking of products. This is possible thanks to its unique configuration, which has no analogues.
  2. Cooking in such dishes resembles cooking in a double boiler. This is possible thanks to a special closing system, in which all the condensate is collected in the center of the lid and returns along the walls to the bottom of the pan.
  3. The zepter is equipped with a temperature sensor that allows you to see that the dishes are ready for use. Also, this system allows you to track the process of cooking and know exactly when it will end.
  4. Thanks to a special system, you will never burn yourself on the handle of the pan, as they always remain cold.
  5. Due to the fact that the walls of the dishes exceed the bottom in thickness, they heat up more slowly, which allows the circulation of hot air to be circulated, and cooking in such a pan becomes comparable to cooking in a double boiler.

 Zepter Dishes

The main feature of Zepter cookware is that you can cook delicious food not only without oil, like in a double boiler, but also without water. This allows you to not worry about the fact that the dish will turn out watery.

It is not difficult to use a double boiler, the main thing is to observe safety precautions. If you doubt whether to buy such a device, the answer is obvious - yes, it is. With it, you can cook a lot of different dishes that are not only tasty, but also healthy.

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