How to sterilize baby bottles in a double boiler

Even if you are breastfeeding, over time you will still have to switch to mixtures and baby food. This means that you are faced with the problem of sterilizing dishes. Sterilization of baby bottles can be done in different ways: in a microwave, pan, a special sterilizer or a double boiler. We will consider the last method.

Why sterilization is needed

Every mother knows that in the first months of life the immunity of her child is especially weak. In order to prevent the occurrence of various infections and diseases, parents tend to protect everything with which their child is in contact. This is especially true of dishes and what the child can take in his mouth. So why sterilization?

  1. The body of the child simply can not cope with those infections that can get into his body through the nipple or pacifier.
  2. Even a small stomach upset at an early age can cause colic, which will cause a lot of trouble, both to the baby and to his mother.

It is important to understand that the problem of sterilizing dishes is due to the fact that this procedure must be performed. before every meal. That is, without automating the process, you are doomed to spend more than one hour disinfecting the dishes for feeding the baby.

Instructions for sterilization in a double boiler

Sometimes, in the desire to take care of their child, mothers can do unimaginable things. What is worth the purchase of an expensive sterilizer, when there is no need! Sterilize the bottles in a double boiler not only economically and practically, but also conveniently. In addition, this technique will bring you much more benefit in the future, rather than a device that you throw out in a year. So, to disinfect dishes with steam you will need:

  1. Directly double boiler.
  2. Convenient forceps with a long handle.
  3. Net container for bottles.
  4. Clean towel.

Instructions for sterilizing baby dishes include the following steps:

  1. The first thing to do is rinse the bottle with water from the mixture.
  2. Now we pour water into the steam cooker so that it hides the lower mark, but does not go beyond the upper one.
  3. Place the bottles on the lower tier with the bottom facing up. In this case, they should be positioned so that they do not come into contact with each other.
  4. Set the timer. For sterilization will be enough from 5 to 7 minutes.
  5. After the steamer is finished, open the lid, carefully remove the bottles with forceps and fold them into a clean dish.
  6. Cover the container with a lid or towel and use the dishes as needed.

 Sterilization of baby bottles

Many leave the sterilized dishes in the double boiler. If you are not using it for anything else, simply wipe off the condensate and close the lid tightly.

What dishes to choose

To understand what problems may arise without a sterilizer, you should understand the characteristics of children's dishes. Bottles for babies are of two types: from glass and plastic. To determine what to prefer, you should be familiar with the pros and cons of each material.

Advantages of glass:

  1. Due to the fact that glass bottles do not emit any substances even during processing, they are completely safe for the health of the child.
  2. Due to their robust structure, they can be subjected to any treatment, they are not amenable to deformation.
  3. The usual and convenient form that is easy to handle and wash.

 Glass Baby Bottles

Advantages of plastic:

  1. You can choose an interesting model that will appeal to the baby.
  2. In many bottles there are handles for which the child can hold himself.
  3. Modern plastic bottles are equipped with a special anti-cap system that prevents air from entering.
  4. They can not be broken.
  5. Few weigh, which allows the child to keep them yourself.

Disadvantages of glass:

  1. No pens that the child ate himself. To hold the glass to the child is uncomfortable.
  2. They are easy to break, and a fragment can hurt the child.
  3. Such dishes weigh significantly more plastic, which makes it not quite convenient for small children.

The disadvantages of plastic:

  1. If you purchase low-quality plastic bottles, they can produce harmful substances during heat treatment.
  2. When exposed to high temperatures, the plastic is subject to deformation.
  3. High-quality bottles, equipped with an anti-wheeled system, it is not very convenient to wash.

 Plastic baby bottles

If you want to buy a plastic bottle for your baby, the best thing to do is in a pharmacy.To date, the most popular company that produces high-quality baby bottles is Avent.

The advantages of sterilization in a double boiler

Sterilizing dishes for a child in a double boiler is one of the best solutions to this issue, and here's why:

  1. The device can be used not only for bottles, but also for the sterilization of nipples, pacifiers and even small toys..
  2. After your child grows up, you can cook healthy foods in it.
  3. In a double boiler, you can simultaneously sanitize several bottles, which is very convenient in conditions of lack of time.
  4. You do not have to worry about the height of the container, since a small bottle of any height will enter the steamer.
  5. You can even put metal objects in the device, which you cannot do in special sterilizers and microwaves.

 Sterilization nipples and bottles in a double boiler


Only after the practice of sterilizing children's dishes became firmly established in the lives of parents did the proportion of serious diseases in infancy, which in rare cases even ended in death, fell dramatically. Of course, the manufacturers of equipment promoted and released a special device - a sterilizer. However, if you have a double boiler, it is not necessary to buy a sterilizer.The first will bring you much more benefit because of its versatility.

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