How to choose a steamer for home

What is a double boiler? This device allows you to cook food through the effects of steam. Products processed in this way retain maximum nutrients and are the perfect combination of taste and quality. Of course, the food cooked in a double boiler, you need to get used to, since the fried or baked ingredients are traditionally considered more tasty. However, once appreciating the advantages and the incomparable natural taste of the products, you will certainly make this appliance your indispensable assistant in the kitchen, to which you will turn more and more often. Let's try to figure out how to choose a double boiler for the house, and to what criteria should pay special attention.

What are steam cookers

There are the following types of steamers.

Embedded and autonomous

Embedded models save a lot of space, as a rule, they are built into the tabletop, only bowls for laying vegetables will be visible. Control buttons will be located at the side. If the body is effectively covered with wood or plastic decor, the access will be from below. It is necessary to mount a vessel for water on the side. In general, a similar version of the steam cookers in appearance is similar to an electric stove. The most expensive models allow you to even connect to the water supply, but in this case there is no need to fill the container manually.

Simple models of built-in steam cookers have three programs: defrosting, heating and, in fact, steaming itself. For more advanced versions, the functionality has been significantly expanded - 5-10 or more programs.

 Autonomous double boiler

Autonomous steamers easier to install. It is enough to choose a suitable place and plug the plug into the outlet. Among the disadvantages of such options, you can highlight the inconvenience associated with the possibility of dropping or damaging the device by accidental movement, as well as the fact that the functionality of such models is often limited.

Electronically or mechanically controlled

Mechanical control is realized by turning the switch for the amount of time needed for cooking. Shutdown occurs automatically. The simplest control option provided in models with low cost.

Electronic control is more complicated. It provides work with touchpad and buttons located on it, as well as with a display. On the display, you can see the set parameters relating to the time remaining until the end of cooking, temperature, residual liquid in the tank and others.

 Electronic Control Steamer

The electronic version of the steamer allows you to cook dishes almost automatically.

Criterias of choice

In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to evaluate which functional features are priorities for you:

  1. Power. Perhaps one of the key parameters. It is from it that it is more dependent how quickly the dishes will be prepared. Basically, this parameter varies in the range from 600 to 2000 watts.
  2. The number of modes of operation. The standard version is 2-3 modes, for models with a higher price - 3-5 or more.In fact, the three modes, as a rule, are sufficient for the full use of the double boiler without claims for advanced functionality. You can safely steam, defrost and reheat. All other features (automatic inclusion, heatstroke, etc.) you may be absolutely not needed, and therefore why overpay for them?
  3. Number of baskets and their size. If you have a small family, you will have enough 1-2 baskets, if the number of family members is more than three and, plus to this, you often and with pleasure use a steamer when cooking, choose models with three baskets. This will expand the possibilities, but will affect the speed. The rice bowl comes standard in any kit, although, in fact, it is not only for him. With this container you can cook completely different dishes, cook soups, cereals, puddings, that is, those dishes that cannot be cooked in perforated containers. Estimate the size of the bowl when choosing.
  4. Sizes and number of pallets. Pallet may not be one. Not every manufacturer offers such options, but still they are. Users note the convenience of having a pallet under each basket in cases where you do not want to mix smells.If there is only one pallet, then there is no such possibility - everything that is prepared in the upper tier will inevitably flow through the condensate to the lower tier, to one degree or another. The height of the pan, the minimum required is 2-2.5 cm. If the pan is smaller, then during the period of time required to prepare a dish (usually about an hour), you will need to drain the accumulated condensate more than once. Agree, this is not very convenient.

Separately, I want to note the additional features of the double boiler. Their presence and diversity, as a rule, determine the price of the selected device.

Delayed start function allows you to automatically start the device at the right time. Very convenient, you can cook the products in the morning, and for dinner everything will be cooked in the best possible way.

The ability to maintain temperature dishes allows you to keep cooked foods warm for 10-13 hours.

So-called "Steam blow" needed when you need to speed up the process of heat treatment. It is also believed that with such cooking products retain more nutrients.

overheat protection Steamers are implemented through the automatic shutdown function in cases when the water is over.

Sound signal about the end of the cooking process is convenient in all cases, there is no need to constantly approach the device.

Electronic models are usually equipped with functions. automatic cooking. You can choose a program, and the double boiler will do everything for you, quickly and efficiently.

Manufacturers Overview

Bomann. The models of this manufacturer consist of three plastic baskets, and the case itself is metal. It is convenient to wash all components in a usual dishwasher, thanks to the fact that they perfectly add up each other.

 Steamer Bomann

Mystery. Offers steamers with a very bright and unusual design. Inexpensive options are made of plastic, premium options are made of stainless steel. Baskets have a volume of 1.5-2 liters, and power about 1200 watts. According to reviews, it allows you to cook products very quickly.

“I want to leave a review about my favorite assistant in the kitchen. Before buying, I thought for a long time, doubted, because the choice of devices from this group is huge. Chose Mystery MFS-1304 - inexpensive, but functional. My favorite function is to delay the start, I pack the products and go for a walk with the child, the process starts at the right time for me. I come - everything is ready.The management is elementary, just choose the time required for cooking. In the instructions, by the way, the recommended for some products is indicated, but in practice it has to be increased. We use Mystery to cook fish, chicken, steamed cutlets, my daughter loves apples from a double boiler. The price of 1300 fully justifies the purchase and the question of whether a double boiler is needed is eliminated by itself. ”

Julia, 27 years old.

 Steamer Mystery

Philips. The manufacturer, as always, on top. It offers the most comprehensive list of all possible amenities when handling equipment. Handles for the pan and bowl, built-in touch control, a special container for seasoning, convenient holes for topping up the liquid, the maximum degree of protection - this and much more will make the process of using a double boiler convenient and easy.

 Philips Steamer

Polaris. Offers inexpensive but practical models. As a rule, such steamers have a mechanical control option that does not detract from their merits. The corrugated surface allows you to correctly distribute products over the entire area, you can cook large portions of your favorite dishes quickly enough.

 Polaris Steamer

Supra. Convenient and practical models include three baskets, which, according to reviews, are very convenient to fold into each other on the basis of the matryoshka principle.Control can be electronic or mechanical, depending on the option chosen.

 Steamer Supra

“SupraFSS-201 has proven to me the truth that not all cheap things can be bad. I decided to somehow switch to a healthy diet and, as an experiment, purchase a steamer for this purpose. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, because it was unknown if I would use it for a long time, so I bought an inexpensive option. In appearance, this model, to be honest, did not instill confidence, but I still took the risk. Included was a brochure with recipes. It turned out to be surprisingly easy to cook with it - 15-30 minutes, and everything is ready. I did not take a lot of space in my kitchen, it looks almost like a pan. Of the shortcomings, I would note the difficulty with washing, since there is no possibility to remove the cord, and very thin plastic. I am very afraid to drop it, almost certainly from the blow, it will crack. ”

Elina, 30 years old.

Tefal. Offers a variety of options - from affordable and practical to powerful spacious premium models. Decide for what you need a double boiler, and the manufacturer will offer the most profitable and interesting option.

 Steamer Tefal


In the variety of different versions of home appliances can be lost. If you are planning to purchase a double boiler for the first time, and have never used this device before, it may be worthwhile not to chase after many functions, but to buy a simple and reliable thing. After evaluating all the advantages of steaming food and familiarizing yourself with the functionality of more expensive steam boilers, you can choose opportunities that you lack and purchase a model of another level.

Other users, as well as consultants in specialized stores will help you with advice on how to purchase a double boiler, tell you how to choose it, what to consider, what functions may be needed, and what functions you can do without. Watch your health and eat the right food!

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