Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker - household kitchen appliance used at home for fast food. By design, it is similar to a conventional pan. Here, only the lid is sealed, which contributes to increasing the pressure in the device, respectively, and the temperature, which means that the cooking process is accelerated.

Thanks to the pressure cooker, the dishes are cooked faster, the appearance of the products is maintained and, most importantly, the set of vitamins and trace elements is preserved in full. The device has one drawback - it is the lack of access to the dish during cooking. In this case, it is not possible to exercise control over the process.

Invented this device that can replace all the pans, the French physicist Denis Papin. This happened in 1679, when a scientist studied the process of processing sugar. Until now, mechanical aluminum pressure cookers of Soviet times can be found on the market. But they are increasingly being squeezed out by stainless steel electric pots, complemented by modern cooking functions that allow you to adjust the temperature,measure fluid volume and monitor other important indicators.

When purchasing a pressure cooker, you should pay attention to its capacity, material and safety.

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