Juicer - household kitchen appliance, which serves to obtain fresh juices from berries, vegetables, fruits all year round. The man began to squeeze the juice for a long time. Almost until the middle of the 20th century, the whole process consisted in the grinding and grinding of fruits. And only in the 50s of the last century, the first juicer with automatic waste disposal appeared. She was released by the Swiss company Rotel, and in the late 60s she came to the kitchen of the housewives, never ceasing to improve and modernize.

Household juicers used at home produce a small amount of fresh produce. To date, manual, mechanical and electrical models can be distinguished. Modern appliances are simple but effective. The housing is made of metal or plastic. Inside is the engine, which during operation leads to the rotation of the centrifuge, and that, in turn, rotates the disk grater. She's preparing the juice. The cake finds its place in the special tray in the box.

The efficiency of the device is influenced by the power of the device, which ranges from 600 to 900 watts. The speed of rotation of the centrifuge plays an important role in obtaining juices. She has 810 thousand revolutions per minute, it can be adjusted.

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