A refrigerator is a household appliance that serves to store products that need low temperature conditions. Such a device is available in every family, differing in model and power.

In the near future, the cellar and the glacier served as a refrigerator. And only in 1862, as a result of research by the French engineer Fernand Carré, a prototype of a modern instrument appeared. Thanks to the German K. Linde, the American Thompson, the Danish engineer Steenstrup, the inventors of different continents, a modern-type instrument was obtained.

Today the market of refrigerators is represented by single-chamber, two-chamber models, freezers, refrigerators for alcoholic beverages. For the circulation of the substance cooling the chamber, there is a compressor. There are one or two compressor devices, differing in their performance.

The types of defrosting and control depend on the model of the appliance, as well as the additional functions and settings, of which there are many.The device is constantly connected to the network, so the power consumption is rather big. There are several types of devices of different power consumption.

Two-compartment refrigerators are significantly different from single-compartment by the location of the freezing section, the number of doors, the volume of the chambers, as well as the consumption of electricity.

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