The grinder in Russia is called the angle grinder. Such a tool, as a rule, is in use in the artisan. When and by whom the design of the popular instrument was invented is not known for sure, but its mass production was adjusted by the German company AEG in the mid 40s of the twentieth century.

In 1966, the Bulgarian factory "Sparky Eltos" under license began to produce electric angle grinders and supply them to the USSR. So the household tool, known to every master, was fixed by the name of the Bulgarian. Modern angle grinders on the market, in addition to grinding functions, can perform many other tasks, depending on the design solutions laid down by the manufacturer.

On the market are household and professional models of power tools, differing in power, functionality, type of power source (mains or battery), dimensions and weight. And this whole arsenal of Bulgarians combines a single principle of operation: the engine's effort is transmitted to the grinding wheel through two gears, which are located relative to each other at an angle of 90 °.Therefore, the tool is called an angle grinder.

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