The puncher - the electric tool with a big power, necessary for carrying out construction and repair work. As a rule, it is used for dismantling various objects. The device is a hammer drill with a reciprocating motion of the drill along its axis of rotation. Mechanical punchers were invented in the 50s of the XIX century, when the mining industry experienced rapid growth. In the years of electrification, a motorized tool appeared, and Bosch established its mass production in 1932.

In the building stores are currently represented drills from different manufacturers, differing configuration, purpose, power and price. The reciprocating impulse in different models can be realized by means of electromagnetic coils or by means of a pneumatic mechanism. Also, different types of fastening of drills can be used in the tools: SDS, SDS-max or SDS-Quick, from which the scope of application of the device largely depends. Models vary by power source.

Many models are equipped with additional useful functionality. These include speed control, anti-vibration protection system, reverse rotation, safety clutch to protect the motor from overheating. Additional functionality affects the cost of the punch.

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